Will a Gerard Butler trial delay after dark?


Night Has Fallen will be the fourth entry in the Has Fallen franchise, but will a Gerard Butler lawsuit involving profits delay the sequel?

Night has fallen will be the fourth outing in the action franchise, but has a lawsuit by star Gerard Butler halted production? Every once in a while in Hollywood there will be two films that come with nearly identical premises. 1997 saw two competing volcano films go head-to-head, with the fitting title Volcano and Dante’s peak. One of the most recent examples of this phenomenon occurred in 2013 when white house down and Olympus has fallen both saw terrorists take over the White House and an unlikely hero to save the day. Olympus has fallen was released first and won this race, while white house down was a box office dud.


Olympus has fallen also recalled the R-rated blockbusters of the 80s and 90s, with Gerard Butler’s Mike Banning making a sympathetically gruff protagonist. Talk of a sequel quickly emerged, though it was clear it wouldn’t involve another White House siege. In place, London has fallen found Butler’s Secret Service agent to rescue President Asher from Aaron Eckhart once again in the British capital, while The angel has fallen found Banning charged with an assassination attempt. The Fell the films have proven oddly robust at the box office, and another sequel dubbed Night has fallen was announced in 2020.

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Plot details and a release date have yet to be confirmed for Night has fallen, Nevertheless. What’s interesting to note is that in the past there was a three-year gap between releases, with London has fallen released in 2016 and Angel… land in 2019. It was assumed that there would be a similar gap for the fourth film Night has fallen also, but the sequel not only hasn’t arrived in 2022, it hasn’t started filming yet. This could be attributed to a lawsuit Gerard Butler launched against franchise producers Nu Image and Millennium Film in mid-2021, claiming he owed more than $10 million in profits from 2013. Olympus has fallen.

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The suit (via Deadline) claimed that an independent audit of the film’s earnings revealed that the producers “understated their own revenue and profit by more than $11 million” and that Butler had not received payments on olympus has fallen profits. The suit also stated that “The producers embarked on a scheme designed to grossly misrepresent the film’s finances to Butler so that Butler believed no such payment was due..” Nu Image quickly replied that they had been open and honest with the actor and his representatives about olympus has fallen big and “… we are very disappointed that Mr. Butler has now decided to act in this way.”

Given the nature of the costume, it seems only natural that Butler and the producers would take a break from more Fell movies until solved. What’s also interesting to note is that in November 2021 it was confirmed that Millennium had a Fell TV series in development, meaning plans to continue the franchise with or without Butler could be in the works. The trial likely put the development of Night has fallen in a precarious position, time will tell if Butler’s Banning returns to the big screen or if the franchise’s future is on television.

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