Why Bunkers, Night Raids and Civilian Killings Back to Haunt People, Ask NC MPs – Kashmir Reader


Srinagar: The national conference on Thursday denounced the assertions of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman on “the evolution of the situation on the ground” in Jammu and Kashmir as a bundle of lies to whitewash the devastating impact, On August 5, 2019, the decisions of the Indian government took their toll on the people and economy of Jammu and Kashmir.
This is what the deputies of the party Muhammad Akbar Lone and Hasnain Masoodi said in a statement while criticizing the assertions of the Union Minister of Finance asking her what criterion she had used to assess the parameters of development and growth. in Jammu and Kashmir.
MEPs said the Union Finance Minister jubilant over the situation in Kashmir is a bundle of lies which is belied by the situation on the ground prevailing in Kashmir.
They said the outgoing dispensation ministers at the helm of affairs in New Delhi lied in wacky ways to whitewash the devastating outcome of his unilateral and undemocratic rulings of August 5, 2019.
Denouncing the Union minister’s absurd bickering, party MPs said if the situation was so good, then why has the force footprint increased in Kashmir?
“Why have the bunkers, the night raids, the killings of civilians come back to haunt people? How has the unemployment rate skyrocketed to an all-time high of 21.6%, three times the national average? Why are people associated with manufacturing, horticulture, tourism and commerce in deep crisis? What criteria did the minister concerned use to assess developments in Jammu and Kashmir? ” they said.
“Such claims amount to salt in the wounds of the people of J&K, who are denied democracy and do not trust a popular government; whose democratic rights have been crippled; whose exclusive rights to land, jobs and natural resources are being liquidated, ”they added.
MPs said the August 5, 2019 rulings plunged J&K into a deep chasm of political uncertainty and insecurity, dissolving the myriad of dividends collected by previous democratically elected successive state and central governments in terms of improving performance. security, instilling confidence in young people, creating jobs, promoting development.
A simple fact-check, MEPs said, will reveal how badly Jammu and Kashmir is on all development indices. The main cause for the repeal of Articles 370, 35A was freedom of the press in Jammu and Kashmir. By denying the press the freedom it deserves, the government is only peddling its lies to whitewash the after-effects of the Himalayan blunder that it committed on August 5, 2019. and has systematically stifled all forms of dissent ”, have- they stated.
Warning the central government against misinterpreting the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, MPs called for the August 5, 2019 decisions to be withdrawn.


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