What keeps factory managers awake at night? Part II


Your in-house maintenance team is essential to the smooth running of your business.

Whether it’s replacing a seasoned worker who is retiring, supplementing a reduced workforce, or looking for a specific skill or service, you need an expert contractor who can get the job done safely. security. A safe and skilled workforce means less downtime and increased profitability.

North American ContractorLink was created to solve a common frustration among buyers of industrial maintenance services: finding a suitable contractor who has safe, qualified personnel. To help solve this challenge, ContractorLink has a team of expert advisors who have the skills and resources to assess your needs and connect you with a fully vetted contractor from their network.

James Chopp is a Client Solutions Advisor for ContractorLink with over 30 years of industry experience. He is STSC certified, OSHA 500 certified trainer, certified welder and rigger and experienced in general plant maintenance, machinery equipment, installations and approvals.

He explained that one of the main concerns of plant managers in his region is the lack of qualified personnel to ensure the efficient and safe operation of their facilities.

“In-house maintenance departments are critical to the day-to-day operations of a manufacturing plant, so production typically suffers without these skilled people,” Chopp said. “Regardless of past experience, a new hire should be trained on specific security protocols and practices and possibly obtain certifications. Depending on the type of work to be done, this can be quite difficult and expensive.

According to Chopp, ContractorLink isn’t a recruiting service, but what it does — and what sets it apart — is provide easy access to the best workers for your needs. The contractor you select will choose the best trained and certified employees for the specific job that needs to be done.

“Having a large pool of vetted contractors with multiple business disciplines allows us to present the right contractors for any need or timeframe,” Chopp said. “With respect to the vetting process, we only represent contractors who have taken steps to thoroughly train their employees in specific trades, as well as provide them with OSHA and MSHA training and certifications and health screenings. and drugs.”

Chopp noted that a popular service provided by ContractorLink is a courtesy safety audit for the plant.

“This is designed to identify common security risks that may exist in your facility,” Chopp said. “This is a free service and is given without liability, but it can help by exposing possible hazards and giving the owner an opportunity to correct them. ContractorLink wants to ease the burden on the owner and plant manager, so so they can focus on the success of their business.”

For more information, visit http://nacontractorlink.com or call (844) 500-LINK [5465].


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