These LED blocking stickers can help you sleep better at night


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Imagine this: after a long day, you finally settle into bed to prepare for sleep. But for some reason your mind still seems active and you can’t quite walk away. Even if you think all your lights are off and your curtains are closed, there is a culprit who lights everything: tare small lights on your WiFi router.

Yes, those tiny lights can delay your journey to sleep and cause sleepless nights. Sanam Hafeez, a New York-based neuropsychologist and director of understand the mindexplained why.

“Although sleep is primarily affected by our natural circadian rhythm or sleep/wake cycle, too much light can impact the quality of our sleep,” Hafeez told HuffPost. “When a WiFi router is on and working properly, the Internet light is solid white, meaning it’s connected to the Internet. It’s often the color of the light and its position that impacts sleep quality, rather than its size. Exposing yourself to white light during the waking hours of the day has positive effects, as it improves mood and alertness. However, white light, which also contains blue light, can cause you keep awake and alert at night.

Luckily, though, there are removable stickers perfectly sized to cover your router lights or other lighted devices, and you can buy them online.


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