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It is now a post-election day and the turnout has been phenomenal! Kudos to the voters who participated this year.

With a participation rate of nearly 50%, this riding never ceases to amaze me with voters who want to make their voices heard. Polling day is over, but the clerk’s office still needs to complete the counts and verifications before certifying the election results.

Polling stations closed at 7 p.m. on election night, but that doesn’t mean the election is over. First, state clerks’ offices would wait at distribution centers on election night to pick up ballots not shipped to a post office. Second, military and overseas citizen ballots that may have been returned by mail have 8 days after the election to be counted.

Finally, the clerks wait for voters to correct their signatures which were rejected by a bipartisan team of election judges. Eight days after the election, the clerk’s office completes the counting of the votes.

Once the eight-day deadline has ended, the other ballots are scanned and counted. This includes ballots that are withheld from the count to ensure voter anonymity, owner ballots, ballots mailed to our office that have been received at other county clerks’ offices, as well as military and overseas citizens. After all the deadlines have expired and the results compiled, we send a digital recording to the State to prepare for the risk limitation audit.

The risk limitation audit is an audit that incorporates all races and questions on the ballot statewide. Basically two bipartisan judges will audit the election. The state will randomly select specific ballots and races for each of the 64 counties to be audited.

After selection, the bipartite judges will remove the original ballot from the record and compare that ballot to the tabulated record sent to the state. This audit ensures the accuracy of the machines and the physical matching of the ballots. Once the audit is complete, the certification of our local results can be completed.

Prior to the publication of the certified results, a bipartite team of judges performs what is called “Canvass”. The team examines all documents, results, audits, tests and anything else to certify that the election was conducted with precision, fairness and in accordance with the law. If both parties and the clerk believe that the election was conducted correctly and accurately, all parties will sign and certify the election.

All the processes mentioned above are more detailed than what is mentioned. I want to assure all citizens of Fremont County that this election and the previous elections were conducted with precision, honesty and professionalism by the election judges, election officials and myself.

As always, I have an open door policy. If you have any questions about the election, the materials used or the results, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact the registry or myself at any time and we will respond to the best of our ability. You should always get your information from a reliable source, especially when it comes to elections and how they are conducted. Many thanks to Chief Electoral Officer Jami Goff, her team and all the election judges who made this election run smoothly and in an incredible way!

To view the election results, visit and view the unofficial results. The official results will be available in a few weeks. Thank you to all the voters who participated.

Justin D. Grantham is the County Clerk of Fremont.


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