The furious late-night reaction to Rudy Giuliani on Masked Singer


Rudy Giuliani, one of America’s most controversial political figures, stunned viewers after he was revealed as the Jack in the Box on The Masked Singer this week. And yes, we are just as confused as you.

The former mayor’s revelation left one judge, Ken Jeong, walking out during the final performance in frustration.

Late-night TV was clearly eager for commentary on the TV shock moment last night, with several hosts responding to the news.

Jimmy Kimmel reacted in dismay on his show last night, saying, “I know it’s Fox, but I still can’t believe they did this.” He continued: “Rudy Giuliani tried to overthrow our government. Is Subway’s Jared and the Zika virus next? »

In February, it had already been leaked that the political figure would make an appearance in the season. Kimmel was quick to react ahead of the official reveal, saying, “How does this even happen? I mean, a lot of people at Fox had to approve of this. None of them said, ‘ Hey, maybe we shouldn’t have the guy being investigated for helping plot an insurrection signing on our show?’

We want an answer.

Trevor Noah also spoke about the reality TV moment last night. The Comedy Central host joked: “Rudy Giuliani has just been kicked out of The Masked Singer, which means he’s about to spend the next five years claiming he actually won The Masked Singer. .”

Giuliani has spent the last year defending former President Trump’s widely criticized allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon also joked, “After seeing this, the CDC reinstated the mask mandate.”

Regardless of the reaction, the celebrity talent show has certainly garnered attention for its new season.

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