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[Happy blog-a-versary! I started this project in 2016 stderr and look at the wild ride! If you told me that Russia was going to be attacking its neighbors I’d have said “that’s as likely as Donald Trump getting elected president LOL LOL!” 2,484 postings, 30,971 comments, I don’t know how to see how many comments I’ve made and I’m scared to find out]

Here is where I am currently:

My brain raced trying to think of things a non-cowardly Biden could do without being blocked by Congress. I believe these things could be done with Executive Orders and would not require Congressional approval:

1) Defund the Supreme Court. More money. All you have to do is organize a bake sale.
2) Sell the Supreme Court building. [I think that is doable without congress having to be involved] Maybe Trump would buy it. Or Elon Musk. Maybe start demolition without worrying about finances; the US Army Corps of Engineers could blow up the place.
3) I believe it is important to hang this on Christians. It’s their stupid spooky belief system (“souls” and so on) that drives the whole anti-abortion concept. Guess what? This is political activity. If I remember correctly, the deal was that churches could exist tax-free as long as they didn’t do politics. Which of course they do all the time. So: Start taxing the churches. Congress, of course, controls the budget, but I don’t believe it takes more than an executive order for the IRS to target a new revenue opportunity. In fact, give the IRS a lot of money to hire all the auditors who will send out follow-up letters; they will get it all back. Be sure to go after the Catholics, in particular, because you know how those bastards are always claiming bankruptcy to shelter their assets from all the lawsuits they’ve lost for being a bunch of child molesters.
4) A long-term trope that American Baptists have relied on forever is that Catholics cannot be trusted because they take orders from the Pope, who is an Italian villain. It’s actually the case, Pope Palpatine said overthrowing Roe was a good thing; he really said that. Rational/decent people shouldn’t just hang this whole debacle around the necks of Christians, but they should point out that they serve Papists. Get a wedge in this problem.
5) I bet you forgot about the faith-based/community initiatives program that Bush started. He funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to churches – who quickly (I’m not making this up!) spent it on things like new parking lots and roofs, nice cars and residences for staff, and health centers. propaganda aimed at children, called “schools”. .” The Obama administration, in a foolish attempt not to have the churches the hate – which they were going to do, anyway – didn’t turn off the money valve. [wik] Under Bush, the churches received about $3 billion. Obama left the money valve open. Trump too. Biden too. The government has invested billions of dollars in organizations that hate him. If that’s not the dumbest thing ever, it’s downright trying to give the playground bully your lunch money to be your friend.

I know this all sounds crazy, but what we are seeing is the end state of a long propaganda campaign, in which Republicans whipped their base into a frenzy using religious intolerance. They do the same thing, again, with homosexuals/transphobes. Standing there chanting “kum ba ya” and waiting for decent Republicans to step forward is a foolish decision. In fact, honest people should go on the air and say things like “you know, Muslims for the most part reacted very quickly to the 9/11 disavowal – but there was a hard core of Muslims who were staunchly anti- Americans. We have the same fucking situation with Christians. We need good, honest, Jesus-loving Christians to stand up and deny this thing and all that don’t deny it are suspicious. Gentiles are incapable of mounting a propaganda campaign, because we have (more or less reasonably) relied on the evidence of virtuous morality. Meanwhile, the other guys are spewing frantic bullshit. We don’t have to sit down and say, “hey, gay people are decent human beings too” and go on to “there is something seriously wrong with Christians. They are way too preoccupied with other people’s genitals, toilets and elective medical procedures – they are sick and they have to get out of politics because they are lying and twisted and scary. People who have been spitting tax-free hate for a long time. Don’t ask what’s wrong with me, ask what’s wrong with them. For the sake of the blind, bleeding eyeballs of Great Ghu, Republicans walk around accusing “leftists” of being pedophiles and they don’t look at Catholics and ${whatever}-scouts and all the right-wing organizations that push their political agendas into the public sphere.

There’s an actual method behind this madness, and it’s based on the martial arts principle that if you punch your opponent really hard in the face, it disrupts their offensive strategy like no other. Seriously, though, the decent people of this country have sat down and completely ceded the initiative to the bad guys who are a) sneaky b) ruthless c) stay up all night thinking about sly, ruthless things they can do . If they’re burning their midnight oil worrying about protecting their money, just look at how they focus on defense.

Also, I don’t understand why someone hasn’t hired armed guards to protect people going to an abortion clinic. 9mm of “shut your mouth” taken intramuscularly once or twice and I bet the crowd of screaming assholes would evaporate. Because nothing says “I believe I will go to heaven in the afterlife” like running away from someone who is ready to fight back.

can you believe that Ireland has abortion legal, and now the US doesn’t? This is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard of.

Above I said “things a non-cowardly Biden could do…” and that’s really the point, right there.


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