Stunning night shot of the Qantas 787 Dreamliner


Richard Kreider snapped a stunning image of a Qantas 787 after taking off from Perth on its non-stop journey to London.

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The Qantas 787, VH-ZND “Emily” operated QF9 from Perth to London on October 29 departing at 8.19pm local time and is expected to arrive at Heathrow at 5.50am local time.

Born on a US Air Force base in France during the Cold War years, Richard Kreider jokes that his first breath probably had a generous dose of aircraft engine fumes.

And this exhibit continued to live under the flight path for Heathrow in his teens and he joined the Air Training Corps.

Night photography by Richard Kreider
Richard Kreider. Credit: The West Australian/Sunday Times

This passion for aviation continued alongside his other love of football, where he is a member of the Football Hall of Fame WA and part of the FFA National Panel of Football Historians.

Here are some additional photos taken by Mr. Kreider.

Night photography of Richard Kreider CX A350
Cathay Pacific A350 emerges from fog to land using Perth Airport’s new CAT111b ILS on runway 21. Credit Richard Kreider

“I enjoyed the challenge of photographing a flight at night,” Mr. Kreider said.

“It’s a hobby that has its challenges because you have to respect the security of the airport and the immediate surroundings.”

Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Fokker 100 landing lights search the runway. Richard Kreider

Mr. Kreider says night flight photography is a great adventure.

“The thrill of the chase, acknowledging the contrast of weather conditions, and working out the technical issues of proper lighting, focus, and framing are some of the testing factors for this style of photography.”

Night photography of Richard Kreider CX A350
Volga-Dnepr Airlines IL-76 on approach to Perth. Credit Richard Kreider

“When all of these elements come together and you get a great shot, that’s when getting up at 3 a.m. really pays off.”

And the results are worth it, with Mr. Kreider’s night shots being used around the world.

In fact, the creativity of many other Mr. Kreider enthusiasts is published.

Perth Airport also helps facilitate better access for special events such as the first Qantas 787 in Perth and the 2016 visit of the giant AN225.

It also provides for more viewing areas in conjunction with the building on the new parallel track.

“Aviation has been incredibly evolutionary in such a short time, and now we’re seeing planes that can travel longer and are more fuel efficient,” Kreider said.

“What will be the shape of aviation in the next twenty years, say, only time will tell. However, you can be sure that it will always be worth saving, and there will always be insomniacs willing to do so.

Night photography by Richard Kreider
QantasLink B717 approaching Perth. Credit Richard Kreider

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