Stephen Curry Reveals the Meaning of ‘Night Night’ Celebration


As he held his form watching the ball slide across the net, Warriors guard Stephen Curry said two words before resting his head on his hands and closing his eyes.

“Night, night,” he said, mouthpiece and all. Directly in front of the Mavericks bench.

With 32 points and 6 3-pointers, Stephen Curry led the Warriors to a 126-117 win over Dallas in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals on Friday night. He also plunged the proverbial dagger into the heats for the Mavericks as he tucked them in for the night.

“You can tell how unchoreographed this stuff is,” Curry said. “I was having fun and you talk about having kids and the importance of bedtime routines. That’s the final signal of a job well done that day.”

Trailing 19 points Friday night at Chase center, a nearly 30-point turnaround to win by nine is, in fact, a job well done for Golden State. And with 10 of his 32 points in the fourth quarter, it’s safe to say Curry’s brilliance was key.

That’s why it was fitting for the two-time league MVP to set up the Mavericks early in the night when he sank a 28-footer with just over a minute left.

“I was watching the ball so I was talking to myself,” Curry said. “I don’t know who heard it, but it’s a good way to end a game and we have to take it to Game 3.”

Taking care of business with two home wins, the Warriors will look to take the lead with a win at Dallas on Sunday night in Game 3. The Mavericks will surely remember Curry’s kindness with their bedtime story.


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