Stephen Curry keeps saying ‘night night’ to poor Celtics


Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is so brutal he doesn’t want the Boston Celtics to wake up from the nightmare they currently find themselves in.

As the Warriors celebrated their championship with a parade on Monday, Curry couldn’t help but do his “night night” celebration to remind Boston fans that he had dealt them the knockout blow.

After celebrating with Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, Curry was back as he addressed fans and viewers watching the live broadcast of the event. When asked to do the “night night” gesture, the Golden State superstar even added spice with a mic drop.

Here is the “Petty King” for you!

But hey, Stephen Curry and the Warriors have every right to talk trash and remind the Celtics that they beat them fairly. If the situations were reversed, the Beantown team and their fans would likely do the same or more, as they would continue to rub in the Dubs’ faces.

The Warriors won, and they can celebrate it any way they choose. As for the Celtics, well, they just have to yearn and hope they can get their revenge next season.


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