Steph Curry Proclaims He’s Back After 34-Point Night Vs. Nuggets


Coming off a double team en route to the basket, Stephen Curry kissed a layup off the glass to give the Warriors their first lead of the game with just over four minutes left in the second quarter.

Rising from the ground, Curry spoke three words to a noisy Chase Center crowd; “I’m fucking back.”

With 34 points coming off the bench for the Golden State Warriors, Curry, indeed, seemed to be back to his self of high scoring and game control. Helping the Warriors to a dominant 126-106 victory in Game 2 vs. the Denver Nuggets in their first-round playoff game, Curry looks like himself again.

“You just start to find a rhythm,” Curry said. “The first half I had a bit of pep in my step and my body felt good. I was able to kind of get to some places and you do some shots, it’s a bit different. feels a bit more normal and more emotion comes out. Especially with this dismissal. It was a good feeling.”

For Curry, missing an entire month with a left foot injury meant his first game back on NBA soil would require rust to shed. In his case, that also meant coming off the bench for the first time in over a decade.

In Game 1, while scoring 16 points in 22 minutes was nice, a 5-on-13 shooting night revealed just how much he needed to readapt to the game.

“Game one, missing so much time, coming off the bench and trying to get used to the speed of the game again,” Curry said. “[It was] bit of a punchy game but it didn’t really feel normal like it had real flow.

On Monday night, however, the Warriors star was exponentially more efficient. Dropping 34 points, Curry shot the ball to a 70% clip. He hit five of 10 three-pointers he attempted and was a record plus-34 on the night – all in just 24 minutes of play to start.

Curry did not reveal if he plans to start Game 3 as the Warriors head to Denver in an attempt to take the series. What’s more promising for Golden State is that Curry is responding well to his comeback and his foot is holding strong in the process.

“It’s still there but it doesn’t matter,” Curry said. “It’s part of understanding what it’s going to do now and throughout this playoff series and how I can handle it and how I can progress…I’m not worried about that.”


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