Sousa kicks off MMA Fight Night


THE Sousa MMA Studio will host its first-ever international mixed martial arts competition at Sport Klub Windhoek on Saturday.

The American Fighters League event attracted combat sports specialists from Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Africa and Zambia.

“We have 13 fights going on that night, of which Angola, Zambia, DRC and South Africa are competing against Namibia,” Sousa studio said.

“Outside the Sousa MMA Studio house, we have four Namibians and one fighter from the DRC representing their country and their studio.”

The Namibian fighters are led by African featherweight champion Veja Hinda, with Geraldo Bok, Arno Jacobs and Damian Muller rounding out the foursome.

Hervè Zeng, who will face Helmer Garcia of Angola, is the DRC fighter from Sousa MMA Studio.

Hinda, Muller and Bok will face Angolans Ndombe N Poe, Leonardo Pascoal and Jomar S de Sousa, while Jacobs will face Jonathan Banda of Zambia.

Zeng, Hinda and Bok are looking to bounce back from their losses at the GFC 93 competition in Pretoria, South Africa in late July.

Their stablemates are on a mission to improve their CVs, which guarantees them more fights.

The main card also features Bernad Chisenga (Zambia) vs Grécio A Lopes (Angola), Dumildo P Tchilala (Angola) vs Alistar Kunene (South Africa) and Paul Nkolomba (Zambia) vs Joveth M Santana (Angola).

On the preliminary card are: Luis Gregorio (Angola) against Nathan K Chilenga (Zambia), Chomba Mwandila (Zambia) against Garcia Toko (Angola), Hloplo Mainc (South Africa) against Elizandro De Sousa (Angola), Adaleberto Ntyamba (Angola ) against Mwelwa Khata (Zambia), and Jarcel Chimbwe (Zambia) against Brian ‘The Ghost’ Ntiwane (South Africa).


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