Retailer Louth McGrane’s wins top prize at annual XL Awards Night


Malachy McGrane’s XL Sandpit was among an elite group of retailers from across the country who were honored for their outstanding commitment to their local communities at the annual XL Retailer Awards celebration, held recently at the Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone.

Organized by BWG Foods, owners and operators of the XL Retail brand in Ireland, the prestigious awards ceremony has made a welcome return this year for the first time since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic and rewards the practices of exceptional retail sales within the XL Retail Group nationwide.

McGrane’s Sandbox XL received the award for Best Off-License on the evening.

“XL retailers strive for excellence in all aspects of their service to their customers and the local communities in which they are embedded. By meeting the rigorous standards of the independent SMA audit, our retailers have exemplified their commitment to being industry leaders in the retail industry and their drive to exceed customer expectations,” said Paul Bealin, sales manager of XL Retail Group. “I congratulate Malachy and all the members of McGrane’s XL Sandbox on this wonderful achievement.”

The XL Retail Awards are given to XL stores that have demonstrated exceptional excellence in the industry following a comprehensive program of inspections and audits conducted by the leading retail audit company in Ireland, SMA Retail Specialists.


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