Report: Israeli forces arrested Palestinian children in nightly raids and left them in the cold “for hours”

A file photo of Israeli soldiers arresting a Palestinian child in his home during a raid on the village of Kafr Qaddum. (Photo: via Twitter)

Israeli soldiers arrested two Palestinian children after storming their homes in an overnight raid near Nablus, in the occupied West Bank, forcing them to spend a cold night in detention before being released without explanation, reported Friday. an Israeli daily Haaretz.

Yasser Arafat Shkeir, 12, and his friend Yazen Kados, 11, were arrested on October 24 during a night raid on the village of Al-Zawiya, following allegations of “throwing stones” at Israeli soldiers.

Israeli soldiers also ordered Shkeir’s older brother, Mutasim, 22, and Kado’s father, Na’m, 42, to accompany them.

“The four were transported from place to place and handcuffed and blindfolded from time to time. At no time did any of the soldiers offer them food or shelter from the cold, ”Haaretz said.

No one spoke to them or told them why they were being held in this way, the report added.

After about 15 hours, they were brought back to the entrance to their village and ordered to return home without any explanation, the report continues.

Israeli forces often carry out nightly raids in the occupied West Bank to arrest Palestinians whom they accuse of planning “a future offense.”

Thousands of Palestinians are held in Israeli detention, sometimes for months, without trial.

(The New Arabic, PC, social networks)


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