Remi night guards are practical and affordable


From pandemic pressures to the daily annoyances of adulthood, it’s easy to feel stressed these days. While the negative effects that stress has on your mind are often obvious, there’s another part of the body that’s easier to ignore: your teeth. Both stress and anxiety are linked to teeth grinding and jaw clenching at night, which in turn can cause serious dental problems.

Remi is a wellness startup that wants to make overnight dental care accessible to everyone. In the past, getting a custom night guard required a visit to the dentist and cost over $500. With Rémi, you can easily create your own night guard without having to travel, for only $129. The process is simple. First, Rémi sends you a home impression kit. Then, after receiving your molds, their team of in-house dental professionals builds a fine and comfortable guard that matches your measurements. If the fit isn’t perfect, Remi offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to fix it. It also offers a membership program with exclusive discounts on new night guards every six months.

With thousands of rave reviews from over 25,000 customers, it’s clear that Remi is reinventing the way night watchmen work. If you are a tooth grinder, Dont miss this opportunity for a brighter smile and a better night’s sleep!

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