Public Works hopes neighborhood streets will be cleared by Friday evening



Showers have stopped in central Missouri, but snow and ice still cover roads and sidewalks.

Road crews work at night to clear snow and ice from the roads. Columbia Public Works said it aims to have streets in the neighborhood cleared by Friday evening. Boone County Road & Bridge told ABC 17 it hopes all roads will be passable by Thursday evening. Both road crews will continue to work until all streets are clear of ice and snow.

Columbia Public Works is asking residents to stay off the roads Thursday night if possible to give crews room to plow snow.

“Also, if you have the ability, please park in your driveway and not on the road, allowing snow removal crews to clear roads quickly, safely and more efficiently for everyone,” John said. Ogan of Columbia Public Works in an update. .

Boone County Road & Bridge manager Greg Edinton told ABC 17 in an interview that crews were able to work through snow and ice on Thursday to clear streets for drivers.

“We’ll be working behind the scenes to hopefully make a safe morning commute,” Edington said.

As the roads clear up, more people are getting out and more businesses are open Thursday than Wednesday.

ABC 17 teams met Marcus Gray, truck driver from Texas. Gray slept in his truck overnight while he was stuck on his way to Colombia. However, a group of generous Columbia residents helped him pull his truck out of the snow.

“Right at the top of the hill, my truck started rolling backwards,” Gray said. “So I had to dig in, I got help from some of the guys in the community.”

Gray called the group of residents who helped him “angels” and “saints” in an interview. One of them, Nathan Almquist, told ABC 17 it was a group effort.

“Slowly but surely, everyone with a good heart stopped, and we all got together, and we got it out,” Almquist said.


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