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Inter-Mountain Photos by Brad Johnson Randolph County Commissioner Cris Siler, left, receives a copy of Danny Wiseman’s minute vote totals Tuesday night in the courthouse circuit courtroom of Randolph County.

ELKINS — Randolph County elected three board of education members Tuesday and narrowed the county commissioner’s race to two candidates.

In the Randolph County Commission race for the Democratic ballot, Robert “Bob” Jones defeated Carol Cain Bush. Jones received 1,214 votes, while Bush garnered 919.

Jones will face incumbent commissioner Cris Siler in the general election in November. Siler went unchallenged on the Republican ballot in the primary, receiving 1,844 votes.

In the nonpartisan Randolph County Board of Education race, three winners were elected out of 10 candidates.

Philip Chua, Sherri Collett and incumbent Janie Newlon were the first three voters in the BOE race on Tuesday.

Jeff Skidmore announces the vote total Tuesday night at the Randolph County Courthouse.

Chua, who received 2,308 votes, and Newlon, who garnered 1,677, will be the BOE Cheat District representatives. Collett, who received 2,188 votes, will be the Tygart district representative. No candidate has filed to represent the district of Elkins.

Also on the ballot for Randolph County’s BOE race were Randy Long, who received 1,237 votes; Heidi Storrick McFadden, who tallied 1,228; Marc Wamsley, who received 984 votes; Curlie E. Ray, Jr., who tallied 944 votes; Shannon Wilfong, who received 547; Caleb Vandevender, who received 475 votes; and Brittny Drennen, who totaled 279.

In the race for the new 66th District delegate seat, incumbent Willliam “ty” Nestor, a Republican, received 779 votes on Tuesday.

Robert “Bob” The Leaves, running on the Democratic ballot, received 742 votes. Nestor and Sheets will face each other in the general election in November.

The 67th District delegate seat contest saw incumbent Cody Thompson, a Democrat, receive 1,087 votes.

In the Republican ballot, Elias Coop-Gonzalez obtained 972 votes. Thompson and Coop-Gonzalez will compete for the job in November.

Randolph County Clerk Brenda Wiseman and Randolph Circuit Clerk Phil Riggleman, both Democrats, are each running unopposed for their offices.

In Randolph County, in the Republican race for the 2nd congressional district nominee, Alex Mooney received 1,479 votes, with David McKinley tallying 605.

Voter turnout in Randolph County was 27.8%, with 4,792 voters on 17,239 ballots cast.

Upshur County

In Upshur County, Mark Davis defeated Kay Hurst in the Upshur County Magistrate Division 1 race (unexpired). Davis received 2,117 votes to Hurst’s 1,928.

In the Upshur County Magistrate Division 2 race (unexpired term), Alan Suder, with 2,882 votes, beat Lindon Stone, with 1,074.

Three candidates won seats on the Upshur County School Board, out of 12 candidates.

Roy Wager with 1,804 votes, Sherry Dean with 1,776 and Jan Craig with 1,188 were elected to the three BOE seats.

In the race for two Buckhannon City Council seats, Dave Thomas, with 394 votes, and Davis McCauley, with 373 votes, were the top voters.

Also on the ballot were Shelia Sines, who got 345 votes, Laura Foulks, who got 193, and Jim Valenson, who got 127.

Barbour County

In Barbour County, the race for a Barbour County Republican Ballot Commission shows just a five-vote difference between the top two voters.

Jedd Schola, with 666 votes, leads Susie Cvechko with 661. Also on the Republican ballot, Gregory Murphy, who won 443 votes.

Three candidates were elected to the Barbour County School Board Tuesday night out of a field of six.

Ron Phillips, with 1,657 votes, David Everson, with 1,299 votes, and Joanne McConnell, with 1,163 votes, topped the field in the BOE race.

Also on the ballot were Michelle Denison, with 718 votes, Kira Randolph, with 652 votes, and Rebecca Shumway, with 565.

The race for Barbour County Clerk on the Republican ballot showed Laurie Austin, with 955 votes, passing Jennifer Whetzel, with 730.

Tucker County

In Tucker County, in the race for Tucker County Commissioner, in the Republican ballot, Tim Knotts, with 635 votes, beat John Lipscomb, with 538.

On the Democratic side, Deborah Stiles, with 457 votes, beat Harry Hardy, with 277.

The Tucker County ambulance tax failed, with 1,137 votes against the tax and 919 votes in favor.

In the Tucker County Board of Education race, four candidates were elected out of a field of seven.

The winning seats in the BOE were Kevin White, with 1,294 votes, Teresa Simmons, with 1,258 votes, Cathy Hebb with 979 votes and Mae Teter with 779.

Also on the ballot were David Cooper, who received 765 votes, Katie Russell, who garnered 747, and Chris Gross, who tallied 490.

Pocahontas County

In Pocahontas County, in the race for the Republican 66th District delegate seat, William “ty” Nestor tallied 331 votes.

On the Democratic side, Robert “Bob” Sheets received 323.

In the race for the Republican 46th District delegate seat, Karen McCoy got 405 votes, while Mike Honaker had 82 and Mark Alan Robinson tallied 18.

In the Democratic ballot, Paul S. Detch totaled 198 votes, while Joe Holt collected 101.

The Pocahontas County Commission race on the Republican ballot showed Jamie Walker garnering 558 votes, while Randy A. Sharp received 359.

On the Democratic side, Jesse A. Groseclose obtained 466 votes, while Tim McClung collected 257.

In the Pocahontas County School Board race for three positions, the top three voters were Becky Campbell, with 793 votes, Joe Walker with 777 and Morgan McComb with 676.

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