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The Penn State Bangladesh Students Association held Bangladesh Night 2022 on Saturday at the Alumni Hall of the HUB-Robeson Center to celebrate the country’s independence.

Red and green tables filled the room with bottles of water and a menu as the centerpiece. Announced by the host, the theme for the event was red and green to match the colors of the flag of Bangladesh.

Many participants wore cultural clothing called salwar kameez in different colors.

During the event, several activities were presented such as live musical performances, cultural dances, quiz, fashion show, food and henna drawing.

BSA Chairman Md Fahim Faysal Khan said that Bangladesh Night was the “beacon of [BSA]because the “limbs are missing [their] residence.”

Khan (an electrical engineering graduate) said guests are invited from “every corner of the world” to watch them “perform [their] own songs, dances and shows” and “to taste [their] food” so that everyone can experience their culture.

For the past two years, Bangladesh Night has been taking place virtually due to the coronavirus.

Khan said they weren’t sure the event could take place in person this year due to mandates. He said “safety comes first,” but they wanted to hold in-person events.

“That’s how we meet people, that’s how we see people,” Khan said.

Host of the evening, Tanveer Ahmed said he was “a little nervous” about hosting the high-profile event and wondered if it would be “the right decision at this stage”.

However, Ahmed (a civil engineering graduate) said the evening was a “success” and he is excited to host more in-person events in the future. Ahmed also said seeing faces helped the event become “livelier” and having everyone there creates “a sense of community”.

The choir group performs the folk song “Age Ki Shundor Din Kataitam” during the Bangladesh Night 2022 celebration at the HUB-Robeson Center in University Park, Pennsylvania on Saturday, March 19, 2022. Bangladesh Night 2022 took held at Alumni Hall by the Bangladesh Student Association at Penn State to showcase Bangladeshi culture.

Rafia Nisat, who was invited to the event by her friend, said Bangladeshi culture was important to her and her favorite part of the evening was the dance performances.

State College’s Camille Loscalzo said she thought the event looked “fun”.

Throughout the night, many performances had the audience clapping and clapping, especially during “Suraiya Bhai” as the boy group dance and “Komola Nritto Kore” which was performed along with “Rongboti” as the girl group dance.

Sheikh Atiya Islam (Economics graduate) said her favorite part was the poem performed at the start of the night.

The poem “Abaro Ashibo Phire” was about a famous poet, Jibanananda Das and his love for his homeland. It was performed in Bengali and English.

Nushrat Hoque said she was a member of BSA and came “to support all the wonderful performances that are happening”.

Hoque (a chemistry graduate) said culture was “really important” to her as a way to “connect” since she grew up in the United States but still has family members who live in Bangladesh. Hoque said her favorite part of the event was the fashion show.

Nafi Mohammad Ali is an international student from Bangladesh, and he said he came because he “missed his country” and wanted to have food from “recipes used at home”.

Ali (an anthropology graduate) said his favorite part was being able to “listen to the songs in his own language” because the culture of Bangladesh is “part of [his] identity” and how he “sees the world”.

“That’s where I belong.”


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