Paris Hilton won late at night this week, but not for NFTs


Photo: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

Let’s put that aside: Yes, the Paris Hilton-Jimmy Fallon NFT stuff was very weird. The environmental impact of blockchain nonsense has been widely discussed just like the fact that the woman who drew these dang monkeys was paid a “definitely not ideal” rate. But the Fallon and Hilton NFT moment burst from the late-night bubble for a mere cringe factor, something that usually only happens to James Corden when he’s in a silly suit. This moment between Hilton and Fallon was awkward, but was it unusually awkward for a late-night host setting up a pre-approved talking point? Meh.

Late night was dying when the sun was rising. The misses were lost to time and the hits were recycled into Time Life VHS tapes. The first thing I did when Peacock fell was watch a Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson episode of the 70s during which Truman Capote goes down to the smallest detail describing a murder he had heard about. It was scary and strange, like that moment in american gods when Lucy Ricardo asks Shadow if he wants to see her breasts. Hilton’s sloppy NFT Monkey setup is remarkably average by comparison. But some late night hits this week! We’ll take a look.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! uses its location better than any other show. As new announcer Lou Wilson told Vulture, Hollywood Boulevard is still a story. Next to Kimmel Studios is a swirling vortex of souvenir malarkey. Kimmel’s cousin Sal lured an unsuspecting newcomer to LA to this odd store and had him seek out Kristen Bell and Ike Barinholtz on a game show of hide-and-seek. Bell, whom she had heard of. Barinholtz, not so much. Barinholtz made his displeasure known by listing his credits once he was found. Never heard of it Neighbors? What about Neighbors 2? Ring bells? !

Damn, man. You know? The midpoints are approaching, and it sucks for the creators and consumers of political comedy. There will be so many numbers to consider and debates about the polls that are representative of what has ever been done, and as voting rights erode, the coverage will become more and more depressing. Sam Bee said what we all think: it’s gonna suck. the Succession the parody was about a week late (we moved on to bitch shame Euphoria teenagers), but the noise like all Full frontal the staff members had a tantrum about the midterm reviews, it was very satisfying and very true to the experience.

Seth Meyers is crazy and a half when he has a guest he knows personally. For the entirety of The right place instead of creator Mike Schur, Meyers approached his former SNL colleague with what can only be described as the energy of a girl teasing the guy she has a crush on. He claimed he never watched his show because he doesn’t get NBC. He also touched on all of their sporting rivalries. A sassy good time was had by all.

Jackie Kashian has been in the trenches standing for god knows how long. She’s a road girl and an early adopter of the podcast format, and she’s displayed her entire offering perfectly on The late show Monday evening. Kashian likes to riff on a theme. His jokes are full of sentence fragments that go even further. This time, the biggest point was that non-binary is a pretty cool non-gender to have (or not to have, depending on how you like it).

This clip with Andy Cohen, Kathy Hilton and Paris Hilton kinda had the energy of Seth Meyers and Michael Schur and Truman Capote describing a murder. Cohen explained that the past Watch what’s happening live Guest Lukas Gage snuck into Paris’s wedding reception, something that left mother and daughter terribly stressed. But they had to act like it was a funny anecdote and not a total violation of what little privacy they allowed themselves. Then Kathy messed up a WWHL board game so much that it looked like Cohen was going to hit her with a flip-flop. It was weird and funny and embarrassing like only live TV can be. The interaction between host and late night guest is chemistry. Hilton + Fallon was nothing. Hilton + Hilton + Cohen + Gottmik? It was almost too much.

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