Night Flight Concepts Celebrates 15 Years of Business Growth


Waco, Texas-based company specializing in aviation night-vision goggles credits its customer-focused business model with 15 years of growth and announces updates for 2022

Waco, Texas- This year begins the monumental sixteenth year of operation for the internationally acclaimed, locally owned and operated company, Night Flight Concepts (NFC), specializing in providing aviation night vision goggles to customers around the world. NFC has become a precursor in the aeronautical equipment industry. The company’s management attributes its remarkable success to its customer-focused business model and expert, passionate team members. In 2022, NFC plans to offer new product lines and manufacturer updates to existing merchandise, as well as introduce automated processes to make communication and administrative processing faster and more efficient for customers.

Since 2006, NFC has served law enforcement, military, commercial and private aviation customers in established and emerging global markets from their headquarters in Waco, Texas. The team has over 300 first response units across the United States as customers, along with hundreds more internationally. They provide night vision goggles to pilots, navigators, and helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft technicians, and the company works with each customer individually to customize a bespoke gear set that meets the complexity of operations. client. NFC offers FAA-approved equipment training, and the company is the exclusive night vision goggle repair shop in the United States approved to inspect and service equipment and provide customers with an approval label from FAA Form 8130 airworthiness.

NFC is proud to provide equipment and services for many first response and emergency service operations, including EMS aviation pilots and air search and rescue teams, who frequently operate at night or in low light conditions on a variety of terrains. Additional NFC customer base includes a number of law enforcement offices and several military organizations. Non-military service uses for night vision goggles include agricultural operations and private and commercial aviation companies, which NFC is honored to serve.

In 2022, NFC is also planning upgrades to ongoing product lines, including the popular Aviation AN/AVS-9 Green Phosphor and White Phosphor Night Vision Goggles series of equipment, as well as new products to be announced for the ANVIS 9 line of night vision goggles. The NFC website will be updated to reflect new items as they become available for purchase. Additionally, NFC plans to upgrade its internal processes with increased client management, communication and administrative automation. The company seeks to improve the experience of its customers through simplified document and contract management, an improved 24-hour contact system and increased website optimization.

From the founder of NFC: Commenting on the 15-year milestone of growth in the night vision goggle industry, NFC co-founder and partner Adam Aldous said, “Our success comes from our customer-focused business model. Our four core team members have been with us since the beginning and are at the heart of how we do things. My team connects directly with our clients and gives everyone a personal touch. They understand the needs of different customers. They are sensitive to culture and psychology. They are true experts in product knowledge. It is thanks to them that customers continue to choose us.

The NFC process: The NFC process that puts customers first begins with a consultation that lasts at least 30 minutes. During the initial conversation, an NFC team member inquires about the customer’s aircraft, the purpose for which their night vision goggles are used, and the number, type and extent of training of his aviation team. With this information, the NFC team member helps the customer navigate their choices and recommends specific technology to meet their needs.

The NFC team member then arranges training for all customer team members who will use the equipment. Depending on the customer, training can take place in Waco, at the fully equipped NFC facility, or an NFC team member can travel to the customer’s site and perform specialized field training with their team on their own. plane. Prior to shipment or delivery, all NFC Night Vision Goggles are inspected and certified as airworthy per FAA guidelines, and prepared with any customization to meet individual customer specifications. All NFC customers can contact NFC for ongoing inspections and maintenance needs.

NFC offers two unique options for customers to upgrade or “trade in” their current night vision goggles. Customers interested in updating equipment over five years old can take advantage of the Upgrade Program, which replaces obsolete image intensifier tubes and other technology in a customer’s current equipment and includes a two-year warranty protection. Customers interested in replacing their current equipment with new technology can take advantage of the Trade-Up program, which exchanges old equipment for new and includes a variety of financing options and five-year warranty coverage.

NFC Gen 3 Night Vision Goggle Products:

NFC is an authorized supplier of a range of state-of-the-art night vision goggles, TSO approved and fully DO-275 AN/AVS-9 and ANVIS-9 compliant. A range of helmet mount configurations and customizable lens filters provide the widest options to meet the most demanding customer standards. All scopes in the line feature military-grade auto-release Pinnacle® MX-10160 tubes, which offer the highest quality and highest level of performance. All new F4949 purchases from NFC include a five-year warranty.

About Night Flight Concepts:

Night Flight Concepts (NFC) is a Waco, TX based distributor of night vision goggles for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to customers worldwide. They offer the ANVIS 9 and AN/AVS-9 lines of eyewear, as well as training, inspection, maintenance and upgrades on all products. Founded by Adam Aldous and David Luke in 2006, Night Flight Concepts is made up of a team of experts who combine their technical knowledge and customer-focused approach to deliver top-notch custom solutions to their clients. NFC is conveniently located near Waco Regional Airport.

Additional information can be found by visiting or by calling toll free at (866) 969-4984.

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