Newport City Night Lighting Project Trials


Visuals shared on social media of the Mayo Dark Skies lighting project for Newport.

WORK is progressing on a nighttime lighting project for Newport.

Some stunning visuals of the Mayo City Dark Skies lighting project have been shared on social media.

The first part of the project was funded by the Heritage Council to prepare a lighting technical specification (for tender) and provide test pilot lighting.

A lighting specialist traveled to Newport last week with sample lights to demonstrate the look of the lights planned for the overpass and church. The public was invited to an open house evening to express their views on this test phase of the project.

Lighting designer Kerem Asfuroglu spent the day and evening performing lighting audits and testing samples for the viaduct and church area.

The Newport Business Association, in a social media post, explained how this is part of Newport’s overall goal to create a unique, beautifully lit nighttime environment for ambience and safety while being environmentally friendly .

A Business Energy Survey is also underway in Newport, where businesses are being asked to respond to get a realistic picture of the city’s energy consumption by sector.

The information collected will help generate future grants and opportunities for new applications for the city.

The link to the business energy survey is:


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