New pizzeria moves in after Goody’s, Clarendon’s old nightlife address, closes


A new pizzeria is moving to the Clarendon space formerly occupied by the late-night pizzeria Goody’s.

Angolino Pizza could open as early as this week, new owner Farhad Bazzaz confirmed to ARLnow, though the restaurant is still awaiting county inspections and permits.

Goody’s closed earlier this year, marking the end of an era at 3125 Wilson Blvd. The small restaurant opened in 2006, opposite the Clarendon metro and a short walk from the bars in the area. The late night pizza place has seen its fair share of antics and devoted fans over the years.

In 2018, the original owners sold the business, which retained the Goody name but added a new mural. In 2019, county inspectors came to call and determined that the mural was a sign and therefore unauthorized. Instead of colorful pizza paintings, the new owner repainted the building in lime green.

Early last year, the restaurant began to emphasize its offerings of tacos and other Mexican dishes, alongside its pizza. It has closed in recent months – it’s unclear exactly when, although an online review from three months ago indicated it was closed for renovations – as the new owner took over and moved made some changes.

Not much is known about Angolino Pizza at this time beyond its potential opening in the coming days. The owner was not available for follow-up questions when ARLnow stopped by the store – which is now painted blue – this afternoon.

County permits and a business license were issued for the new restaurant in October. The permits specify a maximum interior capacity of 15 people, including those seated at the three tables and six seats of the pizzeria.


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