Narcotic cases of drunkenness and driving in Hyderabad on the evening of December 31


Despite extensive drunk driving awareness programs, some things just don’t change. The cases continue to number in the thousands. During the New Year’s celebrations, the police carried out drunkenness and driving checks at the city’s three police stations to check dumpsters.

A total of 3,146 cases of drinking and driving were registered under the three commissions, police said. 1,258 cases were registered at the Hyderabad police station, 1,528 at the Cyberabad police station and 360 at the Rachakonda police station.

The police carried out inspections with 265 teams under the supervision of these police stations. Everyone is aware that the police will be very strict on the 31st night and that there will be checks at the end of every street in the city, yet infractions do occur and cases are recorded.

Fortunately, no major incidents have occurred. The irony is that the government allowed wine shops, bars and pubs to operate until 1 a.m. on January 1.

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