Myanmar Regime Troops Detain Youth, Loot Shops During Night Raids


Junta soldiers interrogate detainees in a street on August 19. / CJ

Through The Irrawaddy August 20, 2021

The Burmese military beat and arrested at least 15 youths in nighttime raids in Yangon on Thursday, while looting shops and offices, eyewitnesses and local sources said.

Junta troops raided neighborhoods in Sanchaung, Kamayut and Yanking townships, arresting four youths in Sanchaung, eight in Kamayut and three in Yanking.

The soldiers arrived on Kankaw Street in Sanchaung at around 11 p.m. with a few detainees. After questioning detainees on the streets, soldiers raided a condominium and arrested three young people, a witness told the Irrawaddy on condition of anonymity.

The inmates were beaten and interrogated outside the condominium.

“I saw that they had arrested three of them in the apartment. There were also five other people whom they had detained in other parts of Sanchaung. The detainees were ordered to lie on the ground, while the soldiers interrogated and beat them. The five detainees elsewhere have been released, ”said the witness.

Junta soldiers looted the condominium offices and shops. They returned around 1 a.m. Friday morning and took oxygen concentrators and hospital beds from a store on the ground floor of the apartment, residents said.

“They stole expensive chairs, beds, televisions and guitars, among other things. There are several offices in the condo that they broke into and looted furniture. They returned around 1 a.m. in two vehicles. There is a store selling and donating oxygen concentrators on the ground floor. They stole oxygen concentrators and hospital beds there, ”said one resident, who requested anonymity.

Another youth from Shan Gon Street was arrested in Sanchaung. Junta forces also arrested three other youths from Yan Shin Street in Yanking.

The soldiers also raided three neighborhoods in Kamayut County around midnight, arresting youths and looting items. Residents said they saw junta troops questioning the youths after their arrest.

“They came in a dozen vehicles. I think it’s related to the Sanchaung case. They broke into a gym and took things from there. We don’t know what they took, ”a Kamayut resident told The Irrawaddy.

Yangon has recently been the scene of frequent junta raids, some of which have resulted in deaths. On August 10, five young people jumped from a building in Yangon to avoid being captured by the junta. Two, including a woman, died and three others were seriously injured and taken into custody. The military regime said the three injured were in hospital, but their family members were not allowed to visit them.

1,007 people were killed by junta forces between the February 1 coup and August 19, according to the Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners. Another 5,747 people were detained and arrest warrants were issued for another 1,984 people during the same period.

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