MOScout Daily Update: Senate Map Debate Continues Overnight – Merideth Mulls Exit – House Perfects IP Change


Senate filibuster continues

The Senate continues to “debate” the map of Congress at this early hour. Right now, sen. Andrew Koenig It’s a book.

The Senate considered the House bill (HB 2117) in the afternoon. After some debate, Sen. Bill Egel offered a 7-1 card amendment which ultimately fell through 8-24. The eight senators voting 7-1 were the members of the Conservative caucus plus the senator. Paul Wieland.

Sen. steve robert proposed a second amendment to make changes to CD-1 and CD-2. But we still talk a lot about the “7-1”.

How it ends

Having gone this far (until 5:30 a.m. right now), the majority of senators who support the House map are unlikely to walk away.

The speech on the state of the judiciary, scheduled before a joint session this morning at 10 a.m., has been postponed, allowing the Senate to continue its momentum without an artificial deadline.

Yet there are still plenty of legs between the Conservative caucus and the Democrats to continue the filibuster. This makes a “strong” 6-2 card jeopardize the most likely result. We will see…

· For what it’s worth, lobbyists have no interest in the card. They would like this issue behind the legislature to clear the deck to get normal bills passed.

Exit Merideth Mulls

representing Pierre Merideth on Facebook announced that he was considering not running for office…

Friends, two weeks until the nominations and here is the new District 80. It is increasingly likely that I will not run. So… if you live in these new lines (sorry, Shaw friends!) and have thought about taking this job (or know someone who should), start thinking about it more seriously. And reach out! I’d like to answer questions about what it is and offer advice.

Note: This is not an official announcement as I am still discussing with my family whether we can handle another two years. But I didn’t want to wait any longer to let people know it was likely, in case you needed some time to start making your plans.

· This is a safe Democratic seat in St. Louis City. But Dems would suffer from losing a strong voice like Merideth’s (especially on Budget where he’s a minority and on the House floor).

House Perfects Intellectual Property Reform Bill

The Perfected House HJR 79 which increases the threshold needed to pass a constitutional amendment. Right now it’s a simple majority; that would move it to 2/3. It would also increase the number of signatures required for voters to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot.

In caucus earlier this year, House Republicans identified this as one of their top priorities for the session. But he still faces a long road. After passing the House, it must pass the Senate where it would face Democratic resistance, and then it would have to be approved by the voters themselves.


The House Budget Committee passed a constitutional amendment to give the legislature the ability to change the eligibility requirements for the Medicaid expansion. See the resolution here. He too faces an equally long path of passage.

Hardin in house 106

William “Buddy” Hardin IV formed a committee of candidates to show up at House 106 and donated $20,000 to seed his campaign.

House 106 is a neighborhood in St. Charles that leans Republican. He was previously represented by the late Tom Hannegan.

Hardin has been an active Republican mostly behind the scenes for years.

He is the treasurer of Voters for Good Government.

· This committee spent hundreds of thousands of dollars against Sen. Bill Egel in this 2020 primary, as well as several plays against Sen. holly rehder during the same cycle. In addition to serving as treasurer, Hardin’s Sonovox received $5,000 for committee consultation.

· More recently. Good government floundered in the mayoral primary of the city of St. Louis last year, produce a web advertisement attack Cara Spencer to defund the police. The committee didn’t have the money for the $5,750 coin, so they just added it to the committee’s debt.

· Voters for Good Government, ironically, had some trouble with the Missouri Ethics Commission. It was fined in 2013 for concealing receipt and purpose of expense.

It is the senior officer of the Adam Smith Foundation.

They have made significant contributions to various committees and campaigns over the years, both in Missouri and outside. As a 501c4, they don’t have to disclose their donors.

Spaincomment PayIt

Theckla Spainshower went private. She accepted a job at PayIt as a government relations manager. See their site here.

Spainhower previously served as the senator’s chief of staff. Bob Onder.

PayIt lobbyists in Jefferson City are: Scott Swain, David Sweeneyand Steven Tilley.

Dohrman at JCPER

Former representative Dean Dohrman announced on LinkedIn that he is the new executive director of the Joint Committee on Public Employee Retirement. “The Joint Committee on Public Employee Retirement (JCPER) is a bipartisan, bicameral committee responsible for providing the Missouri General Assembly with information, analysis, and recommendations regarding Missouri’s more than 120 public employee retirement systems. . JCPER conducts annual reviews and analyzes of all state and local government pension systems to determine necessary recommendations for changes in statutory legislation. JCPER responds to requests for tax memos on all pension-related legislation by providing responses identifying the actuarial impact and disclosure of amortized funding obligations. JCPER prepares annual reports on the financial condition of the pension systems by reviewing the actuarial valuation, comprehensive annual financial reports, audit reports, consultant reports, as well as reports from third-party vendors.

Lobbyist registrations

Kaegan Mays-Williams added Everytown Gun Safety Action Fund.

Heath Clarkson, Doug Nelson and Kurt Schaefer deleted Corizon Health LLC.

Contributions of $5,000 or more

Voters for Buddy Hardin – $20,000 from William Buddy Hardin.

Mednax Inc PAC Missouri – Federal Committee – $40,000 from Mednax, Inc. Federal Political Action Committee.


Happy birthday to sponge swingerand Kathie Conway.


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