Michael Brockie: PWC sued after incident at Reading party


An auditor is suing his employers for £200,000 after losing half of his skull following an evening’s work in Reading.

According to multiple reports, Michael Brockie is suing PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) for a “duty of care” they owed him at an employee party.

The Financial Times reports the outing was organized by a PWC manager at the company’s Reading office in April 2019, during which staff were reportedly encouraged to attend a ‘pub golf’ event spanning nine different bars and clubs .

“Workers were encouraged to drink each glass in as few bites as possible to get the lowest ‘score’ – with scorecards printed and distributed around the office – and the event “encouraged binge drinking. alcohol,” according to court documents seen by The Financial Times.

The newspaper report continued: “Brockie, who at the time was a senior partner in PwC’s audit department, claims he became ‘so intoxicated’ that after 10 p.m. he has no recollection of the events and was later found lying in the street after falling.

“He suffered a ‘moderate to severe brain injury’ and returned to work about six months after the incident, initially working part-time, according to the claim, which added that he still had ‘persistent cognitive symptoms’ .”

According the daily mailBrockie, 28, had to have part of his skull removed by doctors to aid his recovery.

The BBC reported that Brockie is seeking damages of £200,000 for claims that PWC was “indirectly” liable for the alleged negligence and that it “failed to take reasonable care” of the workers.

PWC has been contacted for comment.


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