Late Night is tired of Tucker Carlson’s “Foaming” on the news


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On Thursday, Fox News hosts continued to insist that the Christmas tree in front of his headquarters was set on fire as part of the Christmas War.

Jimmy Kimmel said the network shouldn’t have any other talking points this week, “because they really went to town on that” We were victimized “jag, and no one made more foam at mouth than the dumbest little boy, ”referring to Tucker Carlson.

“According to Tucker Carlson, this was not an isolated incident of a disturbed hike setting his tree on fire,” Stephen Colbert said, although police said the suspect was homeless and the drugs or mental illness could have been a problem. factor in the fire.

Seth Meyers imitated Carlson in one of his monologues.

“Wait, why? We don’t want to hear that. Do you know when we wanted to hear that? After the 2016 elections. ” – JIMMY KIMMEL

“What is it? What is she doing? Is this a Christmas present for Donald Trump? – JIMMY KIMMEL

“It’s like she made him a cameo video for his birthday.” – JIMMY KIMMEL

During their Thursday night episode, Desus and Mero tried to convince actress Sandra Bullock to reboot “Miss Congeniality.”


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