Kempsey Shire Council workers big Saturday night on Armidale Road | The Macleay Argus



As the people of our county enjoyed their weekend, the extraordinary actions of Council employees on call meant that a new landslide on Armidale Road over the weekend had already been resolved. Armidale Road has unfortunately proven over the years that it is vulnerable to bad weather. As well as the potential for closure of river crossings, the road itself has recently seen a number of landslides close portions of the road, as rain has loosened embankments above the road surface . And last weekend was no exception. Late Saturday afternoon Council was advised that there had been a major landslide on Armidale Road in Comara. The on-call team was quick to respond and located the slipway 20km west of Bellbrook at a location known as Jobs Cutting. This would impact campers or visitors to Blackbird Flat Campground in addition to local residents. While closing the road for days was an option, the council team opted to start work immediately. The crew immediately brought essential equipment and worked into the evening to begin clearing the hold. Unfortunately they were beaten by daylight and the road remained closed overnight. Basically, due to Saturday afternoon and early evening works, the road was reinstated for emergency service access, should it have been necessary. Council staff were back at the station on Sunday morning to continue cleanup and carry out a full surface inspection of the landslide to assess potential safety hazards. Shortly after noon on Sunday, the Council’s roads crew managed to clean up the remaining debris from the slide. At this point, inspections have been carried out in the area to ensure everyone’s safety and the site has been deemed acceptable to be opened to general traffic. The end result saw Armidale Road cleared in less than 24 hours after a major landslide. Our reporters work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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