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Kirby said he wanted to let Lake City residents know that the South Carolina House of Representatives district would change in 2022.

The district that Kirby represents, House District 61, will move from Florence and Marion counties to Horry county due to population growth there. As a result, the City of Lake City moves into District 101 along with Williamsburg and North Berkeley Counties. Most of the rest of the district moves to House District 60, with the Mars Bluff area moving to District 59, and western Marion County to House District 57.

“So when you go to vote for your Home District member — which I hope will be me — it will be in Home District 101 in the future,” Kirby said.

Infrastructure improvements

Kirby hailed the state’s gas tax increase for allowing Lake City’s roads to be repaired.

Beginning in 2017, every July 1 through this year, the state motor vehicle user fee increased by two cents.

“Those two cents per gallon tax increases that you really don’t see, but they make a substantial difference in the amount of funding that’s in the system,” Kirby said.

He said the state had the 49th-lowest gasoline tax before the increases, which made it difficult for the state to repair or improve the roads it owns. With the new gas tax, he said, the state now has the opportunity to begin catching up on needed work.


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