Indiana Secretary of State Debate Sees Missing Candidate Monday Night – WOWO 1190 AM


MUNCIE, Ind. (INDIANA NETWORK): A debate between two of Indiana’s three candidates for secretary of state took part in a debate Monday night.

Democratic candidate Destiny Scott-Wells and libertarian Jeffery Maurer squared off in the debate sponsored by the Muncie-Delaware County League of Women Voters. Republican candidate Diego Morales opted out.

“Healthy democracies need healthy debate,” Maurer said of Morales’ absence. “Candidates who refuse to debate assume they won the election and don’t need to listen to you.”

Burning questions were still brought up in the debate between the two. They involve voter security and electoral participation. On election security, Maurer suggested that elections in all 92 counties be automatically audited to ensure the integrity of the results. Scott-Wells disagreed with this suggestion.

“If there are disputed races, a candidate need only request a recount,” she said. “We already have safeguards and we don’t need 92 county audits.”

Then there was voter turnout. Wells-Scott said the way to get more people to vote is to remove what she called “partisan redistricting.” Maurer said the Hoosiers needed options and the two-party system was broken.

Morales released a statement throughout his campaign saying, “My sole purpose is to travel to all 92 counties in Indiana, visiting Hoosiers to win their vote in November. I have participated in radio, print and television interviews and will continue to do so.


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