ICYMI: Endangered Colorado, Night Solar Power and Non-Sapiens Humans May Still Be Here


the Colorado is the most threatened country river, according to the American Rivers Annual List.

For the second year in a row, Utah declares a drought emergency.

On Earth Day, President Joe Biden signs executive order protect ancient forests and recognize their role in the fight against climate change.

The University of California, Davis removes John Muir‘s name of his John Muir Institute of the Environment.

Hawaii will require sellers of beachfront properties to disclose if they are in a “zone of exposure to sea level rise.”

Wildfires fueled by climate change are causing the United States carbon monoxide levels soar and inhibit the atmosphere’s ability to cleanse itself.

Reversing a decision by the Trump administration, the Biden administration will again demand that the climate impacts projects assessed by the National Environmental Policy Act are considered.

The Department of Energy is providing $6 billion in funding to help cash-strapped american nuclear power plants remains open.

Under a federal court order, the Department of the Interior resumes oil and gas leasing on public lands, but dramatically increases the royalty rate.

Denmark announces that it will temporarily increase production from its gas field in the North Sea to provide Europe with a alternative to buying in Russiabut still plans to stop all oil and gas production by 2050.

Cape Air, one of the nation’s largest commuter airlines, agrees to buy 75 nine-seat electric aircraft of Eviation Aircraft based in Arlington, Virginia.

The Cherokee Nation reaches an agreement with the National Park Service under which tribal members will be able to collect 76 varieties of plants at Buffalo National River in Arkansas.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s ‘enhanced safety inspections’ of trucks from Mexico led to the waste of 240 million dollars value of fruits and vegetables and increases in food prices.

Florida wildlife trafficker Michael Van Nostrand known as ‘The Lizard King’ is sentenced to seven months in prison for smuggling wild turtles from Florida to foreign collectors.

China plans to install 140 gigawatts of new solar and wind capacity in 2022, a recording.

Large-scale solar installations in Florida reduce critical habitat for endangered panthers.

On the afternoon of April 3, electricity produced from renewable sources constitutes 97.6% of California grid electricitya new record.

Anthropologist Gregory Forth says 30 residents of the Indonesian island of Flores told him of their sightings of a diminutive hominid that match the descriptions of Homo floresiensis, a species of hominin distinct from Homo sapiens which is otherwise known only from the fossil record.

Stanford researchers are developing solar panels that can generate electricity at night.

Based on data from northwest Greenland, Jupiter’s moon Europa may have shallow liquid water and is a prime candidate for alien habitation.


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