Hotel employee reveals exactly what he does during a night shift, including a swim


A hotel worker’s exposition of what happens during an all-night shift has gone viral online. Spoiler alert: it’s not much.

The hotel graveyard shift worker and TikToker @femovny10 has racked up millions of views with his documentation of an overnight shift at his hotel.

According to IbisWorld, the average company in the hotel and motel industry in the United States now employs more workers than five years ago. In 2018, data suggested that one in 25 jobs in the United States was supported by the hospitality industry.

However, thanks to this hotel employee, that number could rise as TikTok users express their desire for a graveyard change.

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@femovny10 has been sharing various videos on her TikTok account for the past few weeks, but one on Aug. 14 featured over 3.9 million videos of how her shifts went.

“Another day, another dollar,” he said as he entered the hotel. It didn’t last long though, as he quickly headed to Taco Bell’s drive-thru instead after realizing he was “a little hungry.”

“Then I sat down, ate my food and watched Hard Henry“, he said, showing himself swallowing his meal while watching the television series on the computer screen, perfectly perched on the reception of the hotel.

Most surprising to viewers, however, was his next move, as he dipped into the pool for an hour of swimming, before taking a “much-needed” 45-minute nap in a vacant hotel room. The siesta was followed by a play session Call of Duty in a back room.

To the surprise of many, @femovny10 appeared to barely interact with guests throughout the shift. He got to work later, however, picking up trash from the lobby floor, taking out the trash and making coffee, before clocking out… doing a hard night’s work.

The laid-back change was far from unique, it seems, and four of @femomvny’s videos document his nightly work, full of “quick 45-minute naps” and intense gaming sessions.

“Bro has the best job,” one TikTok user commented.

“These hotel night audit shifts are dope men,” another added.

Such a small job cast doubt among viewers, who got stuck on whether or not they should believe it, and whether or not they should deliver their CV to a hotel ASAP.

@femovny10 however promised to livestream from his workplace on Wednesday, in an effort to prove just how relaxed these graveyard shifts are.

Newsweek contacted @femomvny10 for comment.


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