Gutter Garb’s Halloween Collection Takes Fans Back To The Night He Came Home


Halloween is quickly sneaking up on us. That means it’s almost time to watch all of our favorite classic horror movies. Nothing starts the spooky season better than Halloween by John Carpenter and now Gutter Garb has unveiled its new official license Halloween collection that is sure to give fans at least one good scare.

The collection’s shirts successfully take us back to Halloween night 1978 with a mix of nostalgic imagery and spooky new designs. In terms of classic imagery, we have the iconic poster that sees Michael Myers stabbing a pumpkin face. They also do reissues of their 2012 and 2013 designs which feature two images of Myers from Halloweenis now the legendary promotional material. Images that were widely used for the original broadcast of the film. The bright orange color of these latest two shirts will make you feel a chill of the impending fall season and help your horror-loving heart stand out in the crowd.


The final two designs feature a great nifty rendition of “The Night He Came Home” highlighting some of the best moments of Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis” Laurie Strode, Donald Pleasance‘s Dr. Loomis, and “The Boogeyman” himself in tow. One is a VHS-inspired reprint which is an eye-pleasing blue and pinkish color scheme while the new 2022 design has a haunting image of Myers peering into your soul. Both of these shirts also have a zip-hooded variant that features the franchise’s pumpkin logo on the front and major graphics on the back.

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Gutter Garb has been one of the premier makers of horror clothing for the past decade. They’ve done an amazing job for other classic franchises like black christmas, Child’s play, Slumber Party Massacre, evil Deadand Silent night, deadly night. They also made designs covering the whole Halloween franchise featuring underrated gems like season of the witch and The return of Michael Myers. However, whenever they go back to 1978, the classic Gutter Grab still offers something very special. With Halloween ends, supposedly the last film in the franchise, released in October, there’s no better time to show the series some love. Almost 45 years later, the original masterpiece is still one of the best horror films ever made. Whether it’s Carpenter’s masterful direction, the perfect suspense, the endless lines or the brilliant musical score, Halloween is what every slasher movie today strives to be.

Gutter Garb has once again honored this franchise and the legend of Michael Myers with this epic and bizarre collection. Shirts are on pre-order now on their website for $28 each while the zip-hooded variants are $48 each. Pre-orders go through Sunday, August 21, and the collection is expected to ship the week of September 18, just in time for Halloween. However, like most of their past designs, once the pre-order time has passed and the ship date has been reached, these shirts will likely be available for purchase on their site before October.

While you wait for those haunting new t-shirts and the Halloween season to arrive, you can stream Halloween by John Carpenter on Shudder now.


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