Governor Newsom’s Family Vacation: $ 29,000 per night at Villa Cabo San Lucas


This story has been updated to add an additional comment from Governor Newsom’s spokesperson and to reflect the recollection of a second source who came forward to say that the Governor was indeed seen at the complex in question.

A key question remains: who paid for this vacation?

The Globe received several photos and a now deleted Tweet from sources who were in Cabo San Lucas in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur for Thanksgiving at the same time California Governor Gavin Newsom and his family were on vacation.

The sources said Newsoms stayed nearby at a $ 23,000- $ 29,000-per-night villa, Villa La Datcha Cabo San Lucas, owned by Russian entrepreneur and businessman Oleg Tinkov. The sources said from their rental they could see the 10,000 to 12,000 square foot villa, and said it includes two chefs, four to five waiters, personal trainers, and more.

“We were told the governor and his family were there,” a source said. “We could see him, as well as a blonde woman who looked like his wife, children and another couple.”

Governor Gavin Newsom at La Datcha Cabo San Lucas. (Photo: Anonymous for California Globe)

Governor Newsom has just extended California’s COVID state of emergency for its second year and recently ordered all students aged 5 to 11 to be vaccinated in order to attend school in person. Mask mandates and vaccine requirements are still in place.

“It’s no wonder Newsom has decided to escape its own draconian mandates in favor of Mexico for a week’s Thanksgiving holiday,” Ric Grenell recently wrote to the Globe. “And yet, this is not the first time Newsom has blatantly ignored its own rules. It issues emergency orders for the people, but vacations in Mexico look like life has returned to normal.”

“La Datcha Cabo San Lucas is located on the Pacific coast at the southern end of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula,” the upscale resort’s website gushes. “This place is a true paradise for lovers of deep sea fishing and water sports.”

The question is, at $ 29,000 per night for the vacation rate, did Governor Newsom pay it? Otherwise, who footed the bill for the weeklong $ 203,000 stay at La Datcha Cabo San Lucas vacation villa for the Newsoms? Was it a gift?

Newsom was paid $ 209,747 in 2020 as governor of California.

The Globe contacted the governor’s press office at noon on Tuesday and asked:

“The California Globe is preparing to report on the governor’s recent vacation. Can you tell us if the governor paid for his vacation villa himself. If not, who did it? “

The governor’s press secretary replied at the end of the day: “Katy – It was a personal trip paid for by the family. “

The Globe has no reason to doubt the word of the press secretary. But “by the family” is an intriguing response, especially when family members include prominent Californians whose last names are Brown, Pelosi, and Getty.

The Globe responded to the press secretary, asking, “Thanks for your response Erin. Which family paid for this?

After the story was published, Gov. Newsom’s press secretary Erin Mellon emailed and said, “The Newsom Family.”

She called the Globe and repeated that “the Newsom family” had paid for the villa in Cabo. We asked “What news? She finally said, “The governor… paid him for a personal trip.”

In the meantime, here is a description of La Datcha Cabo San Lucas vacation villa:

“The villa can easily accommodate up to 20 people as it has two large bedrooms and eight full-size bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom, toilet and walk-in closet.

The two large bedrooms each have an adjacent private terrace – one with a fireplace and the other with a swimming pool. This last bedroom also has an office.

The sources said they were staying in Pedregal (near Cabo) and were close to La Datcha Cabo San Lucas. They were there for Thanksgiving and for sport fishing. They said that one night the Newsom invited locals to a fire show for entertainment.

The source said the fire shows were loud, so he posted on Twitter to Governor Newsom and First Partner: “How is the fire show going at your resort in Cabo?” You watch from 4 houses and you and the staff are not wearing masks. “

View of La Datcha Cabo San Luca, fire show. (Photo: anonymous source, used with permission)

The source said that within 3 minutes of his Tweet, the lights at Newsom’s complex went out and the fire show was over. The source removed the Tweet shortly after.

The cost of the Datcha is all-inclusive, according to the website:

The price is all inclusive for food and drinks (except alcohol).
It also has a full staff on hand consisting of chefs, butlers, housekeepers, drivers, concierge, fitness instructor and masseur.

Open from October to August.
Daily rates start from $ 23,000 + tax per day.
Major holiday rates start from $ 29,000 + taxes per day.

The sources said this was another example of Governor Newsom not living the way Californians do. It is reminiscent of the French Laundry restaurant episode in 2020: Governor Gavin Newsom was caught without a mask attending a birthday dinner in November 2020 at the famous Michelin-starred restaurant, The French Laundry in Yountville, while ‘he was locking up the state, ordering businesses and schools shut, social distancing and mask warrants, California Globe reported.

UPDATE 12/1/2021:

After this story emerged, the governor’s spokesperson asked for clarification. She denies that the governor stayed at Villa La Datcha Cabo San Lucas, telling the Globe, “that’s not even where the family stayed.” The spokeswoman declined to say where in Mexico the governor stayed or the cost of that stay, other than to repeat her claim that the trip was funded by “The Newsom Family.” Declining to elaborate further, the spokesperson added: “I cannot provide the location due to security concerns. They rented a house.

As was reported in our original story, The Globe has no reason to doubt the word of the press secretary. However, in the absence of confirmation by the Governor of his exact whereabouts – a fact he has recently refused to regularly share with the people he serves – the Globe maintains its story and will continue to report on these developments. .

The original source, in a rush for more details, commented to The Globe:

“With the black SUVs, and 15 cars on the tennis courts that aren’t usually there, and a guy who looked like him, a blonde who looked like him, the Lieutenant Governor in charge and Gavin in Cabo, that’s pretty hard to not put the math together.

The source also said they could see the Newsom through binoculars from their rental home.

Finally, after the publication of our story, a second source contacted the Globe. She emailed to say, “I have a side profile picture of [Newsom] on the public beach near the Palmilla with a child and his wife. ” The Palmilla Hideaway Luxury Condo Rental is adjacent to La Datcha.

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