Golf’s dress code has finally been disrupted. Here’s how to dress for class now.

The new wave of golf begins in the hearts and minds of those who play it, but it extends to the clothes they wear and the company they keep. Erik Anders Lang founded Random Golf Club, an online and IRL community that seeks to connect people on the course, on a simple belief: Everyone is welcome. “I want to get you to bring someone who hasn’t played,” Lang said. “It’s an open-mindedness that you don’t often see on a golf course. There is a pass / fail scenario where we leave the game better than we found it. That’s a key factor in what Random Golf Club is: a new way of playing that emphasizes inclusiveness. Lang’s surgery is a direct reflection of the change taking place in the sport. There’s a reason he and his golf buddies Taylor Johnson, Trevor James Vick and Royce Ryu look so comfortable here wearing the new style of golf, which is inspired by today’s streetwear. hui and vintage looks from the 50s and 70s: because they believe in the rebellious spirit it represents.

Check out the gallery for a glimpse of some of the most alluring vibes of the new style of golf, courtesy of some successful brands and some newcomers looking to turn it all upside down.

Styling by George McCracken, Photos by Bjorn Ioss.

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