Girls Night Out presents a “Magic Mike” style show in Poughkeepsie


POUGHKEEPSIE — What do a cowboy, a fireman and a knight in shining armor have in common? Truth be told, not much — except when they’re all on stage together to Girls’ nighta raunchy “Magic Mike” type show known for the unique personas of its performers, each of whom “embodies a different female fantasy”.

On September 29, Girls Night Out will perform at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie. Audiences can expect cutting edge lighting, special effects and of course dancing by scantily clad muscle men with names like Pleasure, Maximus and Keith.

But, according to the boys, audiences should also expect performances from some unexpected characters. The show is interactive, after all.

“A woman in her 60s once took the stage at a sold-out show and started stripping down to her bra and panties,” DJ The Don said. “Luckily the crowd cheered her on and the show went on.”

Besides possible sexy septuagenarian interludes, the public will have the opportunity to play with the performers and interact throughout the show. In addition to their individual performances, the guys create choreographed dances and experiences for the audience. For newcomer Jake Sins, tackling these joint endeavors is both familiar and surreal.

“There’s nothing in the real world that I can accurately compare it to,” he said. “It’s almost like being on a sports team, but on game day a group of women put on their underwear and the team is just five brothers in a van.”

All of the artists cited the camaraderie of the tour as one of their favorite parts of the gig. Dante Steel, who describes himself as a “salt of the earth country boy” and plays a cowboy on the show, has been touring across the United States when he’s not entertaining divorced and single.

“My favorite thing about touring with my boys is all the cool things we can do in our downtime,” Steel said. “Going to places like Southern California is amazing because we can do things like spend nights in Northern Mexico.”

As much as they love the perks of touring, the guys all agree that real joy comes from hard work. Climax (no last name, à la Cher) toured occasionally with the show for over six years and after a few years of touring decided to become more active with the show’s management.

“Before I became the emcee of the show, I was a dancer who felt the need to change certain things in the show to keep the energy up and relax the crowds in a way that helps them feel comfortable. to have fun,” he said. .

In doing so, Climax says he found his calling.

“Getting paid to travel the country with great people and put smiles on hundreds of faces while creating unforgettable memories is definitely a dream job.”

What: Girls night out

Where: Mid-Hudson Civic Center, 14 Civic Center Plaza, Poughkeepsie

When: Thursday, September 29, from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Tickets: $37.55 general admission, $61.75 VIP. Must be 21+ to purchase.

Information: and


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