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FOOD Week is billed as an enduring event and the Friday night night markets lived up to that point of difference. FOOD Week chairman Michael Sobotta spent Saturday sorting through trash from Friday markets, which drew around 2,500 people who sampled locally produced food and drink. Mr Sobotta said that in itself was pleasing to the FOOD Week committee, with night markets making a comeback after a noticeable absence for the past two years, thanks to the impact of COVID-19. “One of our goals is a sustainable event and we actually hire a company to audit it from an international standard,” Sobotta explained. “We actually have accreditation as a sustainable event, we are the only event in Australia to do so.” As part of this ISO certification, Mr Sobotta said part of the committee spent Saturday morning sorting the rubbish and he was happy to report that around 95% of it would go into the compost . “Forks, plates, napkins and all, we bring our own bins to Robertson Park for people to put the trash in the right bins. “It’s a messy job but you learn a lot about human behavior and the people’s attitudes. 90% of people are really good…but there are a few little bits of plastic here and there. producers and organizers to achieve this sustainability goal. READ ALSO: Orange’s temporary indoor playground could open just months after Mayor Jason Hamling’s initial motion. “It goes with that provenance of knowing where our food comes from and that mindset of wanting to know how things are produced and sustainability connecting people” Part of the ethos of food week is to connecting people between these stories and many of our producers involved in FOOD Week are already in this spirit.” Apart from its high level of sustainability, the Friday night markets also gave this year’s FOOD Week a good start. year, which runs until April 10. “It was a good night, but people were wearing their scarves and their down jackets came in and it was a great night.” To read more stories, download the app Western Daily News from the Apple Store or Google Play.



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