“Fly-by Night” activities raise concerns in New Paltz



John Oleske resigned as Chair of the Planning Council in June 2020 and expressed concern about the intersection of racial equity and municipal planning. An attorney working for the state attorney general, Oleske said the rules of that job prevented the defense from changing while in that volunteer position. Oleske was the only person to express themselves at the public hearing on July 5 about this smoking room. “Vape shops are a dying business,” said Oleske, who is doomed to be regulated in this state but is thriving right now because it’s a liminal time for cannabis regulation.

Il est vrai que les produits de vapotage à la nicotine ont connu un pic en 2018 qui comprenait des saveurs et un marketing attrayants pour les enfants ; cela a été freiné par une réglementation fédérale plus active, y compris l’interdiction pure et simple des produits de la société Juul. Oleske is also correct that this is a low point for cannabis regulation, as its recreational use has been legalized, but rules regarding its sale in the state have yet to be finalized. S’il existe des preuves de l’affirmation selon laquelle les cartouches de vape de cannabis vendues sur les sournois constituent la majeure partie des ventes dans une entreprise comme celle-ci, Oleske ne l’a pas fourni lors de cette réunion du conseil d ‘administration. What Oleske brought was the concern that this is a “fly-by-night” business that will only operate until there is regulation, which could hurt two main legitimate stores in the city during this period.

Current Planning Council Chairman John Litton questioned the candidates about these concerns and received denials of anything fishy. Litton has made it clear that these are matters beyond the jurisdiction of this board. “We just apply zoning, not judgment.”

The details on this company’s sign are still under review in the Buildings Department, and for this reason, this application cannot yet be approved. Nevertheless, the architect hired tried to obtain conditional approval from the members of the Council, as do the consultants. There is no harm in trying.


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