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LISBON — The final results of the August 2 primary election in Columbiana County remained the same as election night, with no changes to the results.

The County Board of Elections certified the official results Tuesday, with those numbers and precinct breakdowns available at columbiana.boe.ohio.gov for anyone interested in how particular areas voted or even how many ran in the elections. ballot boxes.

According to statistics, voter turnout totaled 10.38% of the 65,308 residents registered to vote. Of the 6,781 votes cast, the overwhelming majority was Republican with 5,123 ballots. Democrats cast 1,658 ballots in an election that saw only one contested Democratic race, and that was in just four northwest townships for state representative from the 59th district. , won by Lauren McNally.

Republicans had a hotly contested race, the contentious battle for the 33rd District State Central Committee Man, won by David Johnson.

During the meeting, council members received an update on voters who changed parties or declared a party for the first time. Of the new voters, which could include voters new to the county or people voting for the first time, 408 requested Democratic ballots and 790 requested Republican ballots. There were 45 Republicans who became Democrats and 59 Democrats who became Republicans. For nonpartisan voters (who request a ballot only in a primary), three requested Republican ballots and two requested Democratic ballots.

In addition to certifying official results, the board also certified official results for the overlapping districts of Carroll County.

Starting at 9 a.m. on August 31, the council will oversee and certify the results of the post-election audit, which is mandatory after every election.

Board of Elections Director Kim Fusco explained that 5% of ballots must be recounted by hand, which means that for Columbiana County, 339 ballots must be counted by hand, with precincts ahead. be counted being selected at random. The audit will be conducted on the races of the Ohio Democratic House of Representatives 59th District and the Republican 33rd District member of the State Central Committee. Ballots are counted in two-person teams consisting of a staff Democrat and Republican. The council is due to meet at 1:30 p.m. on August 31 for certification of the post-election audit.

In other cases, the board invalidated local option applications for M&K Winery, Sunday Sales, East Liverpool, 3-B Precinct; and Taco Inc., Sunday Sales, East Liverpool, 3-B Precinct. Fusco and Deputy Manager Bryce Miner spoke with the County Attorney’s Office and the Division of Liquor Control, learning that neither business had applied for the specific liquor license required.

This means that only three local options will appear on the fall ballot: Aman Anshu, LLC doing business as Suburban Market, offsite sale of wine and mixed drinks, Salem 3-A Precinct; Tipsy Farmer, Sunday Sales, Hanover North Precinct; and Quaker Beverage LLC Gene’s Drive Thru, Sunday Sales, Salem 3-C Precinct.

A local option petition filed by Cadence Vault LLC for Sunday sales in East Liverpool 3-B was rejected at the last meeting due to the incorrect address given on the outstanding petitions. The address given was in another electoral district.

In anticipation of the fall, the board has agreed to use Graphic Village for mail-in voting outsourcing at a cost of $1.95 per product sent. The Company will mail the requested absentee ballots. Miner said the company has already been used for the 2020 presidential election due to the volume of applications and has done a good job.

Absentee ballots will be returned by voters to the County Board of Elections.

The board also briefly touched on the increase in poll worker salaries for 2023. Poll workers currently earn $101.50 on Election Day, with polling station managers receiving $120 on Election Day, based on 14 hours of work. Miner and Fusco would like to see these amounts increased. Council members asked for comparisons with other counties. Once the council agrees, written notice of the proposed salary increase must be sent to the county commissioners.

“We could not have elections without the electoral agents”, Fusco said.


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