Durgapur SpiceJet Turbulence Opens Eyes, DGCA Begins Nightly Aircraft Cabin Checks


Following the recent incident in which passengers on a flight were injured after encountering turbulence, the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), aviation regulator, headed by Director General Arun Kumar, launched surprise inspections at several major airports across the country to check for problems. aircraft physical condition and cabin safety. “We are doing it on a large scale now. The idea is to check the whole fleet and repair if necessary,” Kumar told ANI.

The DGCA DG advised the team to thoroughly examine aircraft cabins, cockpits and passenger area to check for potential safety issues including loose fittings on aircraft seats, food trays, windows and toilets. “He has been tasked with looking at all passenger-related matters except for the cockpit area, which regulators normally receive complaints about. If airlines are found to be breaking the rules, they are liable. heavy penalties,” the DGCA told ANI.

After the Durgapur incident, Kumar ordered an investigation of all SpiceJet aircraft. “So far, the investigation of more than 70 aircraft has been completed. No aircraft will be allowed to fly without security clearance,” he told ANI.

Recently, the DGCA regulator requested the asset report of all airlines for a financial audit so that it could be linked to the behavior of airline employees. “Aviation is a game of safety and we follow zero tolerance in it,” a DGCA official told ANI. According to the initial investigation on May 1, a Boeing B737 from Mumbai to Durgapur was on “autopilot mode” when it encountered turbulence. leaving 14 passengers and three cabin crew injured.

Two of the 14 injured passengers are currently in intensive care, the DGCA said. “During this period, the autopilot disengaged for two minutes and the crew manually piloted the aircraft. The aircraft reported to Durgapur ATC that few passengers had been injured due to turbulence and requested medical assistance after landing,” the DGCA report said. (ANI)

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