Dog The Bounty Hunter Leaves 2 Girls On Wedding Guest List

Duane Chapman’s upcoming wedding will be short for two family faces.

Dog The Bounty Hunter is set to marry Francie Frane on September 2, but daughters Cecily and Bonnie Chapman won’t be there because they weren’t invited.


Speaking to TMZ about being kicked off the guest list, none of the women seemed to understand the reason or logic behind the snob. Cecily, however, has a theory, and it revolves around Beth Chapman, Duane’s late wife, who died in 2019 following a battle with throat cancer.

“My only guess or idea would be that he’s not really on the same path as me and my sister,” said Cecily, who is actually Dog’s daughter-in-law. “What I personally see is that my dad is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that maybe he’s not going to replace my mom and maybe me and Bonnie bring out a lot in our mom and maybe that he sees our mother in us. I have the impression that it scares him. “

Cecily said that she and Bonnie had no problem with their father’s remarriage and claimed to have had good experiences with Francie.

“I think he’s scared that we remind him too much of our mother,” Cecily said.

Cecily told TMZ she contacted Duane about the snob and got radio silence. Bonnie, who is a biological daughter of Dog and Beth, did not.

“It’s more of a personal thing for our father,” said Cecily.

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In a recent conversation with the “Two Guys from Hollywood” podcast, Dog talked about getting married again (and actually invited the podcast’s hosts to the wedding.)

“I felt very bad for even wanting to have someone else after Beth,” he said, but noted that he had found a handwriting that reassured him. Scripture, according to Dog, essentially says, “God does not want a man to be alone, to know that we need a mate, whether we are male or female.”

Like Cecily, Bonnie does not understand why she was not invited but clarifies that she should be.

“I think my mom would have wanted us there,” Bonnie said. “We are a family. We are his flesh and blood. We should be there. [Francie] is our mother-in-law. “

In a statement to TMZ on avoiding women, Dog and Francie said, “We love Cecily and Bonnie very much, as we do all of our family. We pray for their health and happiness every day. Beyond that. statement, we want to keep any family issues private. ”

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