Delhi’s nighttime curfew begins today: list of exemptions


New Delhi:

The Delhi government announced a nighttime curfew today after the Covid positivity rate in the nation’s capital hit 0.55% yesterday. The curfew that begins today will be in effect from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Here is the list of exemptions:

– People traveling on foot to buy basic products such as vegetables, milk and other household products in the neighborhood shops.

– People traveling to and from airports, train stations and bus stops will be allowed after producing valid tickets.

– Journalists from the written press and television.

– Delivery people transporting food or medical products.

– Businesses selling vegetables, dairy products, meats and other edible products.

– Pharmacy and drugstore.

– People traveling to be vaccinated against Covid will be exempt after producing a copy of their vaccination appointment.

Delhi on Sunday recorded 290 cases of COVID-19 with a positivity rate of 0.55%. In accordance with the Graduated Response Action Plan (GRAP), a “yellow” alert is triggered if the positivity rate remains at 0.5% for two consecutive days.

A number of restrictions, including nighttime curfews, closing schools and colleges, halving the number of seats on metro trains and buses, closing non-essential stores and malls, among others, come into play with the yellow alert.


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