Cyberpunk 2077: Why Night City has no birds


No birds can be found as part of Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City, but that’s no accidental CDPR oversight. Here’s why they’re missing.

Cyberpunk 2077‘s Night City doesn’t have flying birds, but that’s no accidental omission on the part of CD Projekt RED and is instead part of global lore. At first glance, it might not seem noticeable due to the flying cars gliding through the air, but deeper Cyberpunk 2077 tradition shows that there is a very specific reason for this. Night City is a place full of history, so it’s no surprise that even the birds somehow fit into the bigger picture.

Night City has seen its fair share of drastic and interesting changes throughout its life. According to gaming lore, big unrest began in early 2020, with some declaring their opposition to big business. The Edgerunners, as they are known, were quickly branded terrorists by authorities because they fought the corporations through violent measures. In 2023, the former singer of the popular group Samurai, Cyberpunk 2077Johny Silverhand, bombed the Arasaka tower, and everything went wrong. After that, Night City became a much stricter place to live, with more laws and regulations put in place. However, the harshness fostered chaos from rival gangs controlling the territory, and the nomads left the big city altogether. Over time, many events took place and the population exploded, which created epidemics and led to unique political decisions.


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One of those unique political decisions was the banning of all forms of avian life within 18 miles of the Night City limits. More commonly known as the Avian Extermination Act (AEA) of 2063, its purpose was to try to reduce the spread of zoonotic diseases. This policy alone might be the reason some nomads decided to stray and head to the Badlands.

Night City council is behind Cyberpunk 2077’s birdless setting

Cyberpunk 2077s AEA is behind the banning of birds in Night City

While some parts of Cyberpunk 2077The world of does not match the depth of its characters, unlike other lore such as AEA. Night City has a council that votes and decides on various policies, and it is this institution that has chosen to cull all birds within 18 miles of the city, as stated in the “Bird Extermination Act“fragment found on the third floor of the No-Tell Motel in Kabuki. If it weren’t for this detailed information that was hidden off to the side in a run-down motel, it would be hard to understand why birds aren’t allowed, let alone due to the fact that none are even present within the city limits, small aspects like this are easy to miss when traveling through the vast open world of Night City.

Also, with more context, it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that this decision could be one of the reasons why some nomads left the big city. Nomads don’t like Night City’s selection rules and act like a Cyberpunk 2077 gang protecting their territory in the Badlands. Although there are different nomadic groups, they generally all agree on similar principles of free and close-knit life. Some nomads enjoy freedoms that many inside the city don’t, and one of them might own pet birds or at least keep them in their surroundings. Nevertheless, Cyberpunk 2077Residents of Night City no longer have the privilege of seeing birds.

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