Anjuna cops remain silent to the noise of late night parties

June 01, 2022 | 06:26 IST

Anjuna cops remain silent to the noise of late night parties

Locals complain that organizers of loud music parties openly flout the rules and play loud music until the early hours; The police turned a blind eye to these parties


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MAPUSA: Noise pollution in the coastal belt of North Goa seems to be an unending problem as high decibel parties continue to haunt the inhabitants of the coastal belt, especially those who live in the Anjuna belt.

The Goa DGP directive for all police stations to act promptly on complaints and carry out immediate inspections based on local complaints and reports from noise monitoring committees.

According to the rules, any function or party where loud music is played must end at 10 p.m.; however, locals complain that organizers of such parties blatantly flout these rules and continue to play deafening music until early morning the next day with the sound passing through even 89 decibels.

However, locals are hurting as they claimed that despite complaints, the police turned a blind eye to these parties.

Famous nightclubs and restaurants located in Anjuna and Vagator are involved in playing loud music beyond the permitted limit. These are the ones located in southern Anjuna and Ozrant near the Anjuna police station, residents said.

They further claimed that the music could be heard miles away, but the police, who are supposed to fight noise pollution, are supporting these parties by not initiating any action.

Residents further claimed that when complaining to police about noise pollution, cops say no parties or noise pollution are reported.

Desmond Alvares, a resident of Assagao, who is a former member of the noise pollution monitoring committee said: “I stay in Assagao but I still hear the loud music playing from the clubs almost 4 km away and despite oral and written complaints, no action. was started by the police. Loud musical parties are organized on weekends and continue until early morning the next day, but despite the information of the police, they prefer to remain silent.


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