A wild ride on Kyrie Irving’s 50-point night was only done three times


On Tuesday night, Kyrie Irving reminded everyone that he is one of the greatest offensive players in the game. The Brooklyn Nets guard dropped as close to a sweatless 50-point night as you could imagine .

Kyrie’s efficiency at carrying the nets was not only impressive, but she was also almost unprecedented. His 50 points came on just 19 field goal attempts, making him the third player in NBA history to have at least 50 points on 20 or fewer shots.

It takes a special talent to be able to achieve this level of effectiveness while doing damage as a perimeter marker. Kyrie Irving has always been in the upper echelon of offensive players who have equipment few others can match.

The Nets guard has simply been mired in too many off-court controversies for us to really appreciate what he’s capable of on it. But on nights like these, we’re allowed to marvel at Kyrie Irving’s refined talent that few others possess.

Brooklyn now has Kevin Durant back and Kyrie Irving losing 50-point games. With Ben Simmons soon in the fold, they could soon be preparing to flex their collective muscles before the playoffs begin.

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