A night not at the opera



It’s not like Bruce Wayne skipping a bat-themed opera, but that’s exactly what happens in this preview from Detective Comics #1062. Check out the preview below.

DC Comics
0522DC013 – Detective Comics #1062 Cover by Lee Bermejo – $5.99
0522DC014 – Detective Comics #1062 JH Williams III cover – $5.99
(W) Ram V., Simon Spurrier (A) Rafael Albuquerque, Dani (CA) Evan Cagle
GOTHAM NOCTURNE PART 1 OF 4: OPENING. It’s a new era for the detective of the night as we introduce award-winning new screenwriter Ram V (Catwoman, The Many Deaths of Laila Starr) and artist extraordinaire Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire, Superman/Batman)! Together they will transform Gotham into a tragic yet beautiful gothic opera that our eyes and ears will feast on. Something is seriously wrong with Batman. No matter what tests Bruce takes, or what numbers he tallies, the world’s greatest detective can’t pinpoint the source of this creeping terror – his own inner demons and impending mortality. Meanwhile, real demons lurk in the shadows as an ancient melody haunts the Gotham night. Here, now, the curtains rise and as the ominous melody surges in… who is human, who is demon, who has to say? As Batman investigates the songs and demons of Gotham, he’s forced to confront the oldest question…if there’s always been a demon inside him…and if so, what does it want? …and why hasn’t he taken over yet?
In store: 07/26/2022
SRP: $4.99

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