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“He moved me. See the full video,” IAS officer Awanish Sharan wrote while sharing a video on his Twitter account with a heart-shaped emoticon. The two-minute clip shared by the IAS officer captures the moving story of a man who works at an e-commerce company during the day and drives a taxi at night to help his 65-year-old father. The story caught many eyeballs and is sure to strike a chord with you.

In the video, the man shares that he is not a professional driver but has been driving taxis for years to help his father. “I graduated in Marketing and International Business from IP University. I have been working with an e-commerce company for seven years. When I turned 18, I started helping my dad on the weekends, after my studies and even after office because he is 65 years old, ”says the man in the video recorded by the IAS agent.

He further shares that he was good at cricket and played for Delhi U-19 team, and got his admission through sports quota. “I’ve seen him struggle. Whatever we have now, whether it’s our education or whatever, it’s because of him. So whenever I have time, after my office hours or my days rest, I help him as much as I can. And no matter what peak I reach in my life, I will continue to help my father. I am blessed that he has done so much for us and I will help him. I’ll help as much as I can,” he concludes.

IAS officer Awanish Sharan then adds that he loved hearing his story and that he wants the youngsters to learn a little about it and at least help their parents.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared a day ago, the video has received over 1.3 lakh views. It also garnered several likes and comments.

“My story is similar to this. I am the son of an LIC agent who works at Apple. I do all my dad’s audits on Excel. My dad tells me that his first salary was 50 rupees per month. He is my role model.” posted an individual. “I personally think his dad helps him at this age, not that he helps him. But an inspirational story,” another commented. “Wow! Very good,” said a third. “Inspiring,” shared a fourth.


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