9 Marvel Characters Who Would Have Died Without The Night Nurse


Linda Carter, the night nurse, predates almost every character in the Marvel Universe. Beginnings in 1961 Linda Carter, Nursing Student #1by Stan Lee and Al Hartley, Linda predates Spider-Man, the X-Men, and even the Fantastic Four.

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At some point in her life, Linda was saved by a hero named Nomad, so she decided she would repay the superhero community by opening a clinic and providing medical care to superheroes who needed help. ‘assistance. Over the years, many big names in the Marvel Universe whose superhero careers could have been cut short were it not for night nurse Linda Carter.

9 Daredevil is the night nurse’s most frequent patient

One of Night Nurse’s most frequent visitors, Daredevil was the first hero to be addressed by Linda Carter when she returned to daredevil #58, written by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Alex Maleev. It was his first appearance since his comic book series was canceled in 1973.

In this issue, Daredevil is ambushed by one hundred and seven Yakuza members who are armed with weapons and fueled by Mutant Growth Hormone. Hearing about his friend’s brutal fight, Ben Urich was able to track down Matt Murdock, where he discovered Linda Carter’s makeshift medical clinic. Matt talks to the reporter about The Night Nurse and how she takes care of the heroes without asking anything in return.

8 A night nurse saved Elektra from dying a second time

After the Skrull Invasion, where the Skrulls impersonated and took the place of several people in the Marvel Universe, including Elektra, the ninja assassin was captured by Norman Osborn to be analyzed and tortured to obtain informations. After escaping, Foggy Nelson found Elektra in her office, lying in a pool of her own blood, and took her to the night nurse.

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Elektra woke up handcuffed to a bed in the night nurse’s clinic, no longer in critical condition. The night nurse explained that she didn’t normally handcuff her patients when an assassin named Nico crashed through the window. Elektra eliminates the killer, returning the favor to Night Nurse by saving his life.

seven The night nurse has created an antidote for NomadNomad Rikki Barnes

Nomad, or Rikki Barnes, is an alternate version of Bucky created in one of Franklin Richards’ pocket dimensions. In the backup story set in Captain America #604-605 written by Sean McKeever with art by David Baldeón, Nomad and Arana break into an ad agency tied to the Secret Empire. Nomad is caught and locked in a room by Professor Power, where she is poisoned by gas.

Fortunately, Arana was able to break in and escape with Nomad, taking him to the night nurse. Linda Carter was able to save Nomad’s life by concocting a counter-agent for the poison gas in his system.

6 Dr. Strange helped perform his own surgery

Inside the front page of Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin’s acclaimed miniseries Doctor Strange: The Oath, Wong walks through the door of the night nurse’s medical clinic, exclaiming that Doctor Strange has been shot. The Sorcerer Supreme then appears in his astral form to help guide Linda Carter through her operation, though she probably didn’t need him. At the end of the series, Strange invites Night Nurse to continue her medical practice outside the Sanctum Sanctorum, as her clinic was burned down in issue #3, and they began a romantic relationship.

5 The night nurse helped Wong get a life-saving elixirThe night nurse keeps Wong alive

Whereas Doctor Strange: The Oath begins with the night nurse saving the life of Doctor Strange, it ends with the two saving the life of Strange’s mystical assistant, Wong. In an attempt to find a magical cure for Wong’s brain cancer, the Sorcerer Supreme discovers an elixir that cures any disease, including cancer. In the climactic fifth issue, Strange battles Dr. Nicodemus West for the cure while Night Nurse does everything in her power to keep Wong alive, including CPR, after he collapses with only minutes left. live.

4 Luke Cage almost died from an explosionLuke Cage's Secret War

During the events of the miniseries secret war (not to be confused with secret wars), Nick Fury leads a group of heroes on a secret mission to Latvia to overthrow the government of Lucia von Bardas, killing scores of people. Fury knew the heroes, including Luke Cage, would disapprove of his actions, so he had his mind erased from events.

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A year later, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones were attacked by von Bardas in their Harlem home, leveling the entire building. Cage is in a coma with severe damage to his internal organs and doctors cannot operate on his unbreakable skin. Fearing further retaliation against the hero, Fury moves Cage to Night Nurse’s medical clinic where he would be safer and could get the medical attention he needed.

3 A night shift nurse stopped Spider-Woman from killing her teammatesSpider-Woman Jessica Drew Goes Crazy

In spider woman #7, one king in black tie-in issue written by Karla Pacheco and drawn by Pere Pérez, Jessica Drew is forced to take the Mars serum, which makes her super-powered and causes her to lose control of herself. In a blind rage, Spider-Woman begins to battle all of the surrounding heroes, including Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, and Night Nurse.

With a pair of mystical handcuffs that Night Nurse obtained from Doctor Strange, the heroes are able to subdue Spider-Woman long enough to get her into Linda Carter’s Hulk Tank, where she will remain until the serum wears off. , preventing him from doing anything fatal. damage to herself or anyone else around her.

2 The night nurse was there when Iron Fist broke his back

Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez The defenders street heroes Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage have teamed up to battle the New York underworld. Issue three of the five-issue series ends in a climactic showdown, as Diamondback finds he’s being followed by Iron Fist and Jessica Jones.

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In front of a crowd, Diamondback lands a punch from the startled Iron Fist, then breaks his spine above his knee at the Knightfall. Danny Rand wakes up surrounded by his teammates and Night Nurse, who took care of him and his back injury. Rand, in thanks to Night Nurse, buys his entire building.

1 The night nurse has assembled a team to save the deadNight nurse Doctor Strange other doctors

In Valkyrie: Jane Foster #6-7, written by Al Ewing and Jason Aaron with art by Pere Pérez, Jane Foster discovers that Death may be dying and turns to Doctor Strange for advice. Strange calls his ex-girlfriend the night nurse for help, and she’s assembled a team of mystical doctors to help heal the dying death.

With the help of Night Nurse and her assembled team, Jane Foster is able to travel through the realm of death to her deathbed. There she meets Death of Death, who tells her that the repeated resurrections that take place in the Marvel Universe have weakened Death. In order to save her, Jane Foster must convince the character that death is a necessity for life.


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