📧 O-Zone Late Night: Jaguars 24, Colts 0


JACKSONVILLE– It was important. Maybe really important.

The Jaguars defeated the Indianapolis Colts, 24-0, in the 2022 regular season home opener at TIAA Bank Field on Sunday afternoon. It was the Jaguars’ most impressive day since an early-season win over the then-defending AFC champions New England Patriots in 2018 — way back in the NFL years.

The Jaguars dominated. And efficient. And funny.

‘Bank fans left happy and hopeful. And it was that last part that made the game important. On Sunday, fans felt hope for this team for the first time in a long time – and that hope is based on real things, things that have a chance to last and produce real results.

We’ll get into more of the on-court stuff in this O-Zone Late Night and future O-Zones, but the feeling here is Sunday’s giddy and hope is just the beginning. Not that the Jaguars will win every game. They may not even win more than they lose for a while.

But it looks like fans will have a legitimate reason to like what they see. And expect to win. And have hope. And yeah… it’s cool to see. It’s been far too long.

Bottle that first quart and inject it into my veins!!!

It was the game’s first email, highly touted, often ridiculous, sometimes impressive, and rarely expected. Leading at home is cool. Fans like it.

James Robinson! Jaguars pay this man!!!!

Now is probably not the time for that. Still. But the time may be drawing near. Robinson, a third-year running back who has led the Jaguars in each of the past two seasons, showed his value to the franchise again on Sunday. He showed he was special. His Achilles injury that kept him out of all four pre-season games seems to be a thing of the past. It won’t be a running-focused offense, but that doesn’t mean Robinson won’t really be important. And yes… at some point the Jaguars may have to figure out how to settle “that man’s” contract.

Boxcutter Bill of Massachusetts

All the “fans” calling Lawrence a bust and shouting the same old Jaguars. After a hard-fought loss in Week 1, where there were multiple signs of improvement. Are you still here, or are we changing handles?

They are still there. They are just silent. Fans and observers who criticized and worried Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence last week will again burden him with the weight of expectations in the coming days. So it always has been and always will be.

Gary from St. Augustine, Florida

Even when the Jaguars win, you suck.

It’s pretty impressive when you think about it.

I usually spend the second half worrying about being further behind. I spent the second half of the week worrying about blowing the shutout. I like this better.

Winning makes everything better and covers all flaws. This game doesn’t mean the Jaguars are much better than they were a week ago. I still see them as a six-on-eight winning team. They will have ups and downs. What Sunday did was prove to fans and observers — and perhaps Jaguars players themselves — that they can get the results they want when they play well. It’s a good thing to prove and bodes well for the development of the team in the future.

Johnny Westside 1-0 at home

I told you that. But seriously, shout out to the Duval crowd. Got nosebleed seats and the bank was rockin’ today.

This fanbase is loud, supportive and hasn’t seen much to cheer for in a decade. Give those fans a winner — anything close to a winner, in fact — and they’ll burst. It has always been true.

Winning is cool. Fans like it.

KOAF – I’m not sure anyone expected such a dominant defensive display with a balanced and effective offensive display, but do you think this could serve as a statement play? Go Jags!

It’s a statement in the sense that the Jaguars have shown their fans, the league and maybe themselves that they can win in a dominant fashion when they play well. I don’t think it necessarily shows more than that because they haven’t shown that they are more than that. Good NFL teams do what the Jaguars did on Sunday. They also win close matches. They also do it three and sometimes four times in four games. They do it on the road. They do it when their opponent is full, which the Colts weren’t on Sunday. They do that when they’re injured, which the Jaguars aren’t currently doing. It was a good stage on Sunday. There are many more to take.

O-man – How could we do the opposite of last week in one week?

…the greatness of Eugene P. “Gene” Frenette, longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and northeast Florida cultural icon.


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