Roux dress code for pregnant Baybrook Houston

Support poured in for a pregnant Houston woman and her friends after the group said they were asked to leave a restaurant because the clothes they were wearing were “inappropriate.”

Laurin Hughes said she and her friends were excited for a girls night out on Tuesday at Rouxpour Restaurant in the Baybrook Mall. But they barely walked through the door when an employee asked the group to cover themselves with sweaters.

“I looked at her and said ‘No it’s 100 degrees outside,’ said Hughes, 29.

Hughes said the employee responded by saying that covering up would be “the only way” for women to dine there, and that the outfits they wore were inappropriate for a family restaurant.

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“We were all stunned,” said Hughes, 25 weeks pregnant. “How are you going to refuse a pregnant woman? I’m hungry. I’ll wear this outfit with my family.”

Hughes said she and her friends left shortly after and decided to have dinner at a nearby restaurant. Still overwhelmed by the experience, she posted an article about the ordeal on Facebook so others could see how they were dressed.

“I’m always trying to see what’s so inappropriate about what we’re wearing and why we weren’t allowed in,” Hughes’s post read.
“I could go on and on about how bad the ‘slut-shaming’ is, or how because men choose to objectify women and cannot control their own impulses, women have been conditioned to think that it is. it is our fault and we should be more aware and change our appearance to make them feel “comfortable” around us. All that to say, we weren’t too happy. ”

The post quickly caught the attention of other workers in the industry and sparked reactions from social media users who have largely come to its defense.

“Ninety-nine percent of people strongly agreed, supported and had similar experiences with this business or others,” said Hughes. “It just wasn’t planned, just all the support and messages.”

Hughes said others contacted her and were also asked to leave the restaurant due to dress code issues. She added that other restaurants in the area have also contacted her, offering her support.

Eric Dicesare, general manager of Rouxpour, said it was “bad judgment” and that he and other employees had contacted the women to apologize directly. He added that he would like to remedy the situation and bring Hughes and his friends back.

Hughes said she was a bartender in the Clear Lake area and understood the stress of the industry, but argued the incident should never have happened.

A request for comment from the regional director of Rouxpour was not met.

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